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Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Hulk Hogan Thor Guns

Chris Hemsworth shows off his Hulk Hogan / Thor guns in a post on Instagram which sees the Marvel actor at an 80′ themed party. “A little 80s themed party never did any harm! Happy birthday, Aaron Gist,” posted Hemsworth on Sunday. The pics, seen below, reveal Chris Hemsworth’s giant-sized arms, who every time he

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Hulk Hogan Responds To Chris Hemsworth’s Pythons

Hulk Hogan responds to the recent image that Chris Hemsworth posted of himself sporting the possible 24-inch pythons as the Thor actor is set to play the Hulkster in a biopic on Netflix. Hogan responded with no question that Chris Hemsworth is ready to play the Wrestling superstar. “He’s already there! He’s ready BROTHER!!! But

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Chris Hemsworth Can Get As Jacked As Hulk Hogan Says Trainer

Chris Hemsworth will be starring as Hulk Hogan in the upcoming Netflix biopic which will take the Marvel actor’s physique to new heights and beyond. Jono Castano Acero, who will be responsible for transforming Hemsworth in Hulkamania, filled in the Daily Mail what it will take to get the Thor actor from superhero to sporting

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Chris Hemsworth Cast As Hulk Hogan

Let me tell you something, brother! Watcha ya gonna do when Chris Hemsworth plays Hulk Hogan in a biopic that centers around the origin story of the Hulkster and the rise of Hulkamania and the 24-inch pythons?!  Details include that the film will be released on Netflix and that Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Gene Bollea, will

Hulk Hogan Headlining Buffalo Nickel City Con
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Hulk Hogan Headlining Buffalo Nickel City Con

Hulk Hogan is coming to Nickel City Con! Dave & Adam’s announces the Hulkster will be headling the Nickel City Con at the Buffalo, NY Convention Center on Saturday, May 19th. Hogan will be appearing on Saturday only with a limited amount of VIP Experience, Autograph and Photo Op tickets available.   Hulk Hogan joins the impressive celebrity guest lineup of Jeremy Bulloch (Star