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Matthew Vaughn Working On Kick-Ass Prequel (Video)

In a Q&A interview with Yahoo, Matthew Vaughn lets it be known he is working on a prequel movie for Kick-Ass along with creator Mark Millar.

Here is the blurb:

“I’m not happily done with the franchise. Kick-Ass is a really important film to me. I’m really proud of it, and we would like to dip our toe back into it. We are working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit Girl and Big Daddy become Hit Girl and Big Daddy. It’s quite a fun idea we’ve come up with. If we make that, hopefully that will be the sorbet for the people that didn’t like Kick-Ass 2 and then we can go off and make Kick-Ass 3. I think we’ve got to do this prequel to regain the love that we had with Kick-Ass.

Vaughn also lets it be known he was interested in doing a comedic space movie at one time, but Guardians of the Galaxy beat him to it.

“Never say never… The answer is maybe sci-fi…”

You can check out more from Vaughn in the video above.

Matthew Vaughn is currently working on the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service.



Sony & Valiant Comics Announce 5-Picture Deal for Bloodshot, Harbinger & Harbinger Wars


Sony and Valiant Comics have announced a five-picture deal to bring Bloodshot, Harbinger and Harbinger Wars to the big screen.

The movies will be a part of a shared universe film event.

Full details:

Valiant Entertainment and Sony Pictures today announced a deal to bring two of Valiant’s award-winning comic book superhero franchises—BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER—to the big screen over the course of five feature films that will culminate in the shared universe crossover film, HARBINGER WARS.
BLOODSHOT, arriving in theaters in 2017, will kick off the five-picture plan leading to HARBINGER WARS and will be directed by David Leitch & Chad Stahelski (John Wick) from a script by Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2) and Eric Heisserer (Story of Your Life). Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe from Original Film (The Fast and the Furious franchise) and Dinesh Shamdasani from Valiant Entertainment will produce the film. Matthew Vaughn and Jason Kothari will serve as executive producers.
HARBINGER will follow shortly thereafter from a script by Eric Heisserer (Story of Your Life). Sony and Valiant remain tight-lipped about potential directors. Neal H. Moritz and Toby Jaffe from Original Film (The Fast and the Furious franchise) and Dinesh Shamdasani from Valiant Entertainment will produce.
Both BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER will be followed by sequels before the title characters confront each other head on in HARBINGER WARS—a motion picture directly inspired by Valiant’s critically acclaimed 2013 comic book crossover of the same name. Andrea Giannetti will oversee the five-picture HARBINGER WARS initiative for Sony Pictures.
“Valiant is one of the most successful publishers in the history of comics, and Neal is one of the best action producers in the business today. This is a formidable partnership that will bring two incredibly commercial franchises with global appeal together on the big screen,” said Sony Entertainment Motion Picture Group President Doug Belgrad. “The long-term plan that begins with BLOODSHOT will be a considerable priority for Sony in the months and years to come.”
Brought back from the dead and infused with cutting-edge nanotechnology by private security contractor Project Rising Spirit, Bloodshot is a nearly unstoppable killing machine equipped with enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and healing. Created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton in 1992, Bloodshot is one of the most successful new comic book characters of the past two decades with more than 100 issues published and lifetime sales of more than 7 million copies in multiple languages around the world. After returning with a sold-out new series in 2012, Bloodshot’s latest chapter recently began with the release of Bloodshot Reborn #1 in April—the first issue of a new series from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mico Suayan.
Centered on telekinetic teenage runaway Peter Stanchek and his recruitment into the mysterious Harbinger Foundation by secretive CEO and philanthropist Toyo Harada, Harbinger was created by former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter and artist David Lapham in 1992. Having sold more than 5 million copies worldwide in multiple languages across more than 60 issues, Harbinger returned with a new series in 2012 to multiple sold-out printings and widespread critical acclaim.
Bloodshot and Harbinger collide in Harbinger Wars—Valiant’s 2013 crossover event from writers Joshua Dysart and Duane Swierczynski with art by Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain, and Pere Perez. Valiant’s first crossover of the modern era, Harbinger Wars would go on to become the year’s best-selling crossover event from an independent publisher and spawned multiple sold-out printings.
“Bloodshot and Harbinger are two of the great untapped franchises anywhere in comics,” said producer and founder of Original Film, Neal H. Moritz. “In partnership with Sony and Valiant, we look forward to building the next great generation of superhero films.”
“Sony Pictures and Neal Moritz are the ideal partners to bring the world of Bloodshot and Harbinger to life,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “They understand exactly what makes these characters tick and the exciting potential that they hold. These films are just the first step in partnership with Sony to bring Valiant’s biggest heroes to new audiences worldwide.”
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, Valiant is one of the most successful comic book publishing companies in the history of the medium with more than 81 million comics sold and a library of more than 2,000 distinct characters. Established by a brain trust of legendary comics creators, Valiant’s heroes and villains inhabit the largest independently owned superhero universe anywhere in comics. Re-established in 2005 as Valiant Entertainment, the company returned to great commercial and critical success in 2012, winning a Diamond Gem Award for Publisher of the Year and numerous industry awards and accolades. To date, Valiant’s titles consistently rate among the best reviewed in comics.
Valiant’s comic book universe—which includes the best-selling superheroes Bloodshot, Harbinger, X-O Manowar, Shadowman, and Archer & Armstrong, among many others—is characterized by a grounded, character-driven approach to storytelling. Its stories take place in a world only subtly removed from our own—one inspired by real-world science and inhabited by morally ambiguous heroes that often forgo capes and secret identities.
In March, Valiant announced that it partnered with Beijing-based entertainment company DMG for nine-figures of film financing capital for the production of theatrical films and television programs based on Valiant’s library of iconic superhero characters.
With over fifty films released, Neal Moritz’s worldwide box office gross exceeds $7 billion. His hits include: the Jump Street franchise, The Fast and The Furious franchise, I Am Legend, XXX, Click,Sweet Home Alabama, S.W.A.T., Battle: Los Angeles, and The Green Hornet. 
In addition to BLOODSHOT, HARBINGER, and HARBINGER WARS, Moritz also has several films in development with Sony Pictures, including Passengers, Christian the Lion, 23 Jump Street, Cliffhanger, Rockets Red Glare, and A Prophet.  


Matthew Vaughn Says Fantastic Four Is A Good Movie


The Fantastic Four reboot has been taking a lot of heat.

There is the obvious in that Johnny Storm, ak The Human Torch, is being played by Michael B. Jordan.

There is mention of the new Doctor Doom being a computer hacker.

In addition, there has been talk that Marvel Comics has cancelled their Fantastic Four comic book because the CEO of Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, is at odds with Fox Studios over the film rights and ordered the cancellation. Marvel Comics even killed off the Fantastic Four movie cast.

The latest saw a possible logo image of the Fantastic Four movie leaked, which included details about the movie.

There is also the fact that Fantastic Four opens in about seven months, and Fox has yet to release a trailer or promote the film.

While all that might sound like a recipe for a disaster, some good news comes in the form of comments from Matthew Vaughn, producer on Fantastic Four.

Vaughn, known for Kick-Ass and the upcoming Kingsman: The Secret Service, has seen the Fantastic Four movie and says it’s good; however, there is one catch – if you liked Chronicle.

“I’ve seen the movie, it’s good,” Vaughn told Flickering Myth.“I thought Chronicle was a fantastic movie and [Josh] Trank has gone off and done his version of Fantastic Four. If you like Chronicle, then you’ll like this.”

Chronicle was Trank’s 2012 hit found-footage movie, written by Max Landis, that starred Jordan. The movie saw high-schoolers gain superpowers and followed their experiences and discoveries in real-world fashion. Josh Trank is also Disney’s choice to helm a Star Wars spinoff.

“We’re all backing Josh Trank’s vision,” Vaughn added. “And hopefully the world will like Josh Trank’s vision.”

Leaked e-mails as a result of the Sony hack also revealed Fox has plans for a Fantastic Four and X-Men crossover movie.

The latest regarding the Fantastic Four trailer is that it might be attached to Vaughn’s Secret Service, which gets released February 13th.

“Fantastic Four” has an August 7, 2015 release directed by Josh Trank starring Miles Teller as Reed Richards, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Toby Kebbell as Victor von Doom.


THE FANTASTIC FOUR, a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy. 


Matthew Vaughn Says People Are Tired Of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Superhero Movies


Matthew Vaughn, director of Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and the upcoming Kingsman: The Secret Service, thinks people are tired of dark superhero movies and even points to Marvel’s success with Guardians of the Galaxy as an example.

While speaking with SFX Magazine, Vaughn said, “People want fun and escapism at the moment. Look at the success of Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Vaughn continued with specific mention of the Christopher Nolan style of movies, which includes The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as the recent new Superman reboot Man of Steel that spearheaded the WB shared movie universe with Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.

“I think Nolan kick-started a very dark, bleak style of superhero escapism, and I think people have had enough of it,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn then went on to talk about Kingsman: The Secret Service, which seems a bit more light-hearted as initially the studio thought it something akin to Austin Powers.

“The studio was like, ‘What is this — Austin Powers?’ It was a balancing act, but I think we pulled it off,” Vaughn said. “It’s not a comedy, but it’s full of laughs. It’s got everything. It’s what we did with Kick-Ass — it’s a proper movie, but we’re allowed to have a bit more fun with it. Its aim was to be entertaining but not silly.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service has a February 13, 2015 release starring Colin Firth, Michael CaineTaron Egerton and Samuel L. Jackson.

Watch the Red-Band (mature) trailer:


New Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer & Posters

Four new posters and a trailer have debuted for Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The film has a February 13, 2015 release starring Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, and Samuel L. Jackson.


Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class), Kingsman: The Secret Service tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.





via IMDB and Empire


First Secret Service Set Images & Video Hit The Net

Matthew Vaughn began filming the comic book movie adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ Secret Service where set images and video have hit the net.

The film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine and Colin Firth.

The below video features a spoiler regarding Jackson and Firth, so you have been warned.

Secret Service has a November 14, 2014 release.

(via SurreyHeath-Residents)






Chloe Moretz, Aaron Johnson, Mark Millar & Matthew Vaughn Kick-Ass 2 Sound Bite Interviews (Video)


Below you can check out video interviews for Kick-Ass 2 featuring Chloe Moretz, Aaron Johnson, Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn.

Chloe Grace Moretz / “Mindy Macready – Hit Girl” talks about Kick-Ass 2 having more stuff going on, about her character and Dave, on her final battle against Mother Russia and more.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson / “Dave Lizewski – Kick-Ass” talks about taking Kick-Ass 2 to the next level, Dave’s journey being Kick-Ass, Mindy Vs. Dave and the final battle against Mother Russia as well.

Mark Millar / Comic Book Writer – Executive Producer talks about the film’s story, on how Kick-Ass 2 is bigger than the first and about working with Olga Kurkulina aka Mother Russia.

Matthew Vaughn / Producer talks about Dave’s journey as a character, Mindy as a normal character, and Red Mist vs. The Motherf—er.

Kick-Ass 2 has a August 16th 2013 release date also starring Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Jim Carrey.

Related: Check out four more with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Morris Chestnut, Donald Faison, John Leguizamo.

Chloe Grace Moretz / “Mindy Macready – Hit Girl”:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson / “Dave Lizewski – Kick-Ass”:

Mark Millar / Comic Book Writer – Executive Producer:

Matthew Vaughn / Producer:


Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Red Mist return for the follow-up to 2010’s irreverent global hit: Kick-Ass 2. After Kick-Ass’ (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey), our hero joins them on patrol. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)—reborn as The Mother F%&*^r—only the blade-wielding Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) can prevent their annihilation. When we last saw junior assassin Hit Girl and young vigilante Kick-Ass, they were trying to live as normal teenagers Mindy and Dave. With graduation looming and uncertain what to do, Dave decides to start the world’s first superhero team with Mindy.

Unfortunately, when Mindy is busted for sneaking out as Hit Girl, she’s forced to retire—leaving her to navigate the terrifying world of high-school mean girls on her own. With no one left to turn to, Dave joins forces with Justice Forever, run by a born-again ex-mobster named Colonel Stars and Stripes. Just as they start to make a real difference on the streets, the world’s first super villain, The Mother F%&*^r, assembles his own evil league and puts a plan in motion to make Kick-Ass and Hit Girl pay for what they did to his dad. But there’s only one problem with his scheme: If you mess with one member of Justice Forever, you mess with them all


Matthew Vaughn’s Secret Service Gets Samuel L. Jackson As Villain


Matthew Vaughn’s Secret Service, the comic book movie adaptation of the Mark Millar and David Gibbons graphic novel, has cast Samuel L. Jackson as the main villain.

Variety reports that Samuel L. Jackson joins Colin Firth and Taron Egerton for the spy movie that sees Firth take Egerton’s character under his wing.

The  comic book sees a young man who grew up in a rough section in London get recruited by his Uncle into a British spy school that churns out suave, sophisticated gentlemen-agent types in the 007 mold. Together they get involved in a conspiracy that surrounds celebrity murders, with the comic book featuring real life characters Mark Hamill and Ridley Scott.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s name has also been attached to Secret Service, with Michael Caine rumored as well.

Secret Service has a November 14, 2014 release.

Samuel L. Jackson also stars in the upcoming Robocop reboot and Captain America 2.


Matthew Vaughn’s Secret Service Gets Colin Firth

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7300:]]Oscar-award-winning actor Colin Firth looks to have landed a lead role in Matthew Vaughn’s new film, Secret Service.

Colin Firth won an Acadmey Award back in 2010 for The King’s Speech.

Secret Service is adapted from the Mark Millar comic book of the same name that sees a young man who grew up in a rough section in London get recruited by his Uncle into a British spy school that churns out suave, sophisticated gentlemen-agent types in the 007 mold.

THR has it that Colin Firth will play the Uncle.

Secret Service looks to have a 2014 release and may also feature Mark Hamill and Ridley Scott as they were included in the comic book as themselves.

Here’s the full description for the Secret Service comic book from Amazon:

From the writer of Kick-Ass and the artist of Watchmen comes a collaboration decades in the making! The world’s greatest secret agent is on the most exciting case of his career. But will the end of the world as know it take a back seat to training his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? meanwhile, what’s the secret link between a series of kidnapped sci-fi stars, the murder of an entire town, and a dark secret from inside Mount Everest? Under Uncle Jack’s supervision, Gary’s spy skills and confidence blossom–but when the duo learn what’s behind the celebrity kidnappings, the knowledge comes at a price. The conspiracy begins to unravel, but who can be trusted when so many prominent figures seem to be involved? It’s a must-be-seen-to-be-believed action spectacle!


Fox Studios Gets Matthew Vaughn & Mark Millar’s Secret Service Movie

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:6390:]]Not really a surprise seeing how Secret Service comic book creator, Mark Millar, is the Fox Studios Marvel Comics movie consultant, but it’s been announced that the Secret Service movie that has Matthew Vaughn attached to direct will be from Fox Studios.

Deadline announced the news with mention that a tug-of-war was going on between Fox and Universal over the rights to the Secret Service movie.

Fox won.

It’s said that Matthew Vaughn has already completed the Secret Service script with Jane Goldman, that a released date will be announced for next year, and that production will begin in August.

Matthew Vaughn was also said to be in contention to direct the new Star Wars episode VII movie, and was said to be the reason for Vaughn leaving X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Bryan Singer coming on board to direct; however, Miller said the real reason was for Secret Service.

Here’s a description of the first issue of the comic book:

From The Writer Of Kick-Ass And The Artist Of Watchmen Comes A Collaboration Decades In The Making. Says Millar: “Secret Service Is The Ramifications Of [How] America Is Struggling On The World Stage, Funding Is Being Seriously Undercut To Balance The Books And Some People Are Trying Their Best To Take Advantage Of The Fragile Global Situation. The Hero And Sidekick Guys Who Lead The Book Are, I Think, The Best Characters I’ve Written.” 


Fantastic Four Movie Get Rewrites: Described As Superhero & Sci-Fi Approach

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5879:]]We recently learned that Matthew Vaughn has been brought on board the Fantastic Four movie as producer, and now we learn the script is getting worked on as well.

It’s reported that Seth Grahame-Smith is polishing the Fantastic Four movie script that was originally done by Jeremy Slater.

Seth Grahame-Smith is known for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well as Dark Shadows.

THR has it that the new Fantastic Four reboot is described as “taking a grounded superhero and sci-fi approach to the heroes and will tap deep into the comics mythology.”

They also go on to note aspects of the comic books, perhaps that will make their way into the movie as well, “which featured not just the better-known villains such as Doctor Doom and Galactus but also alien races the Kree and the Skrull, and the anti-matter universe known as the Negative Zone.”

Of course Marvel Cosmic fans know that Annihilus is from the Negative Zone and was recently featured in issues of Fantastic Four as well as the hit event Annihilation back in 2006.

Fantastic Four has a March 6, 2014 release date.


Matthew Vaughn To Produce New Fantastic Four Movie


Fox Studios’ Marvel Comics creative consultant Mark Millar has released the news that Matthew Vaughn is on board the new Josh Trank directed Fantastic Four movie as a producer.

Millar tweeted the following:

Just off the phone with Fox and some excellent news – Matthew Vaughn is producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot!

Millar and Vaughn have a history together as they worked on Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 as well as Millar’s upcoming The Secret Service.

Matthew Vaughn is also attached to Fox Studios and Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past as a producer.

No details on the Fantastic Four reboot are known other than a March 6, 2015 release date.

Vaughn was also said to be in contention at one time to direct the new Star Wars.



Exclusive: Matthew Vaughn Wanted For Justice League Movie; Rian Johnson, Sam Mendes & Gary Ross As Well

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5252:]]Yesterday saw the news surface that J.J. Abrams had been named to director Star Wars.

Then it came out that Matthew Vaughn was in the running and even pitched Chloe Moretz as the lead.

Our DC Entertainment source has provided us with some information that Vaughn previously turned down the Justice League movie when offered last year to focus on Star Wars.

But now that Disney has gone with their #1 choice, Warner Bros. and Thomas Tull of Legendary Entertainment are definitely interested in Matthew Vaughn.

Our DC Entertainment source also provided us with three other names that they are interested in: Sam Mendes (Skyfall), Rian Johnson (Looper), and Gary Ross (The Hunger Games).

We are also told Peter Jackson was a contender, but when The Hobbit was turned into three films that put an end to Jackson directing the Justice League movie.

We are also told Christopher Nolan and his Syncopy Films WILL NOT be producing Justice League. 

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder (Cruel & Unusual Films) MIGHT be credited as Exec. Producers; our source speculates that Snyder will be consulting the project in some capacity.

We’re also told Legendary Pictures will be co-financing the Justice League film’s budget of around $250 million.

Will Beall has written the script for the Justice League movie which has a 2015 release date.


Matthew Vaughn To Direct Justice League Movie?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5244:]]With J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII, does this leave Matthew Vaughn available?

Though Vaughn is reportedly set to take on Mark Millar’s Secret Service, it was said that he pitched an idea to Disney with Chloe Moretz as the lead.

So what we can take from that is, Vaughn at least wanted to work on Star Wars which has a 2015 release date.

And what else has a 2015 release date and seems desperately in need of a director and sounds like in part a cosmic space epic?

The Justice League movie.

Will Beall has written the script with it said that Darkseid is the villain and plans on replacing the Earth with his own planet, Apokolips. Rumors seem to indicate that the movie will focus on five members, Batman, Superman (played by Man of Steel Henry Cavill), Green Lantern, The Flash and Wonder Woman, with possible cameos by Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and/or Hawkman.

Matthew Vaughn was initially attached to X-Men: First Class eventually bowing out with his friend Mark Millar stating it was for Secret Service. Now that we know it may have been for Star Wars, could it now be for the Justice League Movie?

Hitting up Twitter reveals we are not the only ones to think this as the owner of the Latino Review, a source for some Justice League movie rumors, tweets, “FANBOYS! CLUE! STAR WARS LOSS IS JUSTICE LEAGUE’S GAIN!”

With a reporter, Marc Graser, from Variety offering the same, “So who’s up for Matthew Vaughn directing JUSTICE LEAGUE?”


(Thanks to CBN reader Andrew Francis for pointing us in the direction)


Chloe Moretz Was Matthew Vaughn’s Choice For Star Wars Episode VII Lead

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5241:]]We just learned that Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams has been picked to helm Star Wars Episode VII, but a previous rumor strongly suggested that Matthew Vaughn was to take the gig.

We now learn that apparently was the case as SlashFilm is reporting that Kathleen Kennedy was in talks with Mathew Vaughn, who apparently pitched his Star Wars movie with Chloe Moretz as the lead.

What’s interesting about Vaughn’s pitch is that it seems to corroborate rumors and speculation that the Star Wars Episode VII screenwriter, Michael Arndt, has written a female lead for the movie.

SlashFilm also states that Steven Spielberg was the primary reason getting J.J. Abrams onboard the new Star Wars as he convinced both Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy.

Matthew Vaughn is working on the Mark Millar’s Secret Service next.

Chloe Moretz has Kick-Ass 2 coming out and the Carrie remake.

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Star Wars Episode VII: Colin Trevorrow Not Directing


We can scratch Colin Trevorrow off the list of directors to helm Star Wars Episode VII. Trevorrow was previously rumored to be attached to the movie and seemed to confirm the news in an interview back in June.

However, Trevorrow tweeted that he is not doing Star Wars, and that the interview actually referenced another fan-favorite movie that he is trying not to mess up.

To clarify, there is another film we all love that I’m currently trying not to mess up. Odds I will direct Episode VII: 3720 to 1.

(Note: “3720 to 1” is the same odds that C-3PO gave to Han Solo about navigating the asteroid field in Empire Strikes Back.)

With Colin Trevorrow not directing, only one name is rumored to be attached to Star Wars and that’s Matthew Vaughn.

Vaughn was recently set to direct X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but bowed out right before the Disney Star Wars news surfaced.

It was then rumored that Vaughn was going to direct Episode VII; however, it then came out that the reason for Vaughn leaving X-Men was for another movie, Secret Service, from creator Mark Millar, who went on to highly recommend and support Vaughn for Star Wars.

Star Wars Episode VII has a 2015 release date.

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Matthew Vaughn Could Still Direct Star Wars; Mark Millar Voices His Support


An earlier rumor surfaced that Matthew Vaughn was a contender to direct the new Star Wars Episode VII movie slated for 2015 with it said that Vaughn departed X-Men: Days of Future Past for Star Wars.

Well, it turned out that wasn’t the case as Mark Millar said that Matthew Vaughn actually left X-Men because of Secret Service, which they wanted to get underway rather quickly due to copycat scripts floating around Hollywood.

Well, just because Vaughn left because of Secret Service doesn’t necessarily mean Vaughn will not be or has not been picked for Star Wars.

Now, Millar has taken to his official site to offer support for Matthew Vaughn as the director for Star Wars.

…Vaughn departed X-Men because our Secret Service project was being copied by a few scripts doing the round and we didn’t want anyone to beat us out there with our own idea. Star Wars has since, of course, announced an Episode 7 and he’s been touted as a possible director for that movie. All I can say is that if he DOES get picked to helm the next Star Wars there would be nobody with more passion or enthusiasm for the project. I really don’t think there could be a better choice, especially as we’ve referenced Star Wars pretty much every day in the 5 years we’ve known one another.

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Matthew Vaughn Dropped Out of X-Men Not Because Of Star Wars; It was For Millar’s Secret Service


It was rumored that Matthew Vaughn may have dropped out of X-Men: Days of Future Past to tackle Star Wars Episode VII.

However, that now appears not to be the case as we learn in an interview with CBR from Mark Millar that Matthew Vaughn departed X-Men (but staying on as possible producer) for the adaptation of Secret Service.

According to Millar, who now serves a consultant for Fox Studios, Vaughn dropped out because of the need to get Secret Service on the big screen sooner rather than later as there are more than a few imitators floating around Hollywood.

“What we’re doing is that ‘Kick-Ass 2’ is filming now, and next year we’ll start production on ‘Secret Service’ which I did with Dave Gibbons, and Matthew and I have been talking about that for years,” he said. “We thought Matthew was going to do X-Men first, but we found out there were actually a few imitators of ‘Secret Service’ in the works. People think you’re lying when you say you’re not trying to get your comics made into movies so quickly, but the two reasons it happens like that is first because it’s the best ad for the comic you’ll ever have. And for me, selling the book is the most important thing. The second reason is because people are always trying to rip you off. Somebody will start to work on a spec screenplay about your idea. There are three other projects I know of now about a James Bond kind of guy taking a street kid and turning him into a spy. Three screenplays were already going through Hollywood about this! So Matthew and I said, ‘Fuck this. We’re not letting anyone steal our ideas.'”

I suppose if Vaughn is not on Secret Service as the director he could still tackle Star Wars, but I think it’s a given that he is helming Secret Service. Still, Vaughn directed Millar’s Kick-Ass, but not the sequel, Kick-Ass 2.

Worth a mention is that Mark Hamill will be appearing in Secret Service, which may have led to the speculation about Star Wars.

Regarding X-Men: Days of Future Past, Bryan Singer has recently been announced to be the new director.

And with Star Wars Episode VII set to debut in 2015, we should be expecting an announcement soon from Disney as to who the new director is.

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Matthew Vaughn Rumored To Direct Star Wars Episode VII (2015)


Seems there may have been a good reason for Matthew Vaughn bowing out of directing the sequel to X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Namely, Star Wars.

The Collider has it that Matthew Vaughn is in talks to direct the next Star Wars movie, which Disney set for a 2015 release following their announcement of the acquisition of Lucasfilm from George Lucas for $4.05 billion. It’s stated that Star Wars was the reason for Vaughn dropping out of the X-Men movie.

Vaughn previously wrote and directed X-Men First Class as well as wrote Kick-Ass, The Debt and Stardust.

Regarding X-Men: Days of Future Past, it’s been said that Matthew Vaughn may stay on as producer. Bryan Singer was recently announced to be the new director.

No details are known about Star Wars Episode VII, but it has been said to be an all-new original story and both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have previously talked with George Lucas about it, as well as, reportedly, high profile Hollywood screenwriters.

For more on Star Wars, head on over to the Cosmic Book News Star Wars Movie Hub.