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‘Code 8’ Getting Quibi Spinoff Starring Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell

Prior to its theatrical release this weekend, it is announced the crowd-funded independent movie, Code 8, from Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell, will be getting a spinoff series on Quibi. Both Stephen Amell and his cousin, Robbie Amell, will be starring in the spinoff series, with the film’s director, Jeff Chan, directing the Quibi series …

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Stephen Amell Announces Code 8 Beer Pong Perk

Today happens to be the last day of Stephen and Robbie Amell’s Code 8 movie IndieGoGo campaign, which has amassed a whopping $1.43 million dollars.

Stephen Amell just released a video announcing a new perk: beer pong (watch below)!

Stephen and Robbie Amell will fly a fan out to LA to participate in beer pong with the cast, which will be taped and take place in a bar.

One lucky winner will be picked from those who contribute and pick any perk.

You can go here to donate; there are loads of cool perks available.

For an added incentive, yours truly has just signed on for the “Be An Extra” perk. Come join me on the set of Code 8!

Watch the Code 8 short below as well. — Last Day!! 3 New Premieres, a Bow and a Beer Pong Tourney. OMG.

Posted by Stephen Amell on Friday, April 22, 2016


Watch: Robbie & Stephen Amell’s Code 8 Short Film

A week ago saw Stephen Amell release a teaser for Code 8, which also stars his cousin Robbie Amell, and Fast & Furious‘ Sun Kang.

Now a 10-minute short has been released in addition to a link to an IndieGoGo campaign to help raise funds to get the movie made.

There are some cool perks to be had by donating, so go check it out.

Stephen and Robbie Amell have more to say in the below video.

We also learn what Code 8 is about:

The film takes place in a world where 4% of the population are born with some type of supernatural ability. Instead of being billionaire superheroes, most ‘specials’ live in poverty and resort to crime, forcing the police to become more militarized.

The story follows a young man with special powers (Amell) struggling to find work as a day laborer. After a dispute over payment, he finds himself in a confrontation with a police officer (Kang) and the autonomous robots backing him up.


Watch: Stephen Amell’s Code 8 Teaser

Check out a teaser below from a secret project from Stephen Amell with “Code 8” featuring his cousin Robbie Amell and Fast & Furious‘ Sun Kang.

Not much is known about the film, but we see from the footage that it’s a science-fiction flick where it looks as if people with paranormal powers are being targeted.

Amell posted on Facebook, “I’ve been working on something,” and included a link to which features a countdown and a field to sign up for e-mail updates.

According to the official Code 8 Facebook page, the movie may not look to star Stephen Amell as the Arrow actor is on board as a producer. Robbie Amell, Sung Kang, Aaron Abrams, Chad Donella and Alfred Rubin Thompson are listed as the actors. Jeff Chan is the director, with Chris Pare writing the script; additional producers include Robbie Amell, Geoff Mclean, Tommy Dingwall, Jeff Chan and Chris Pare. The studio behind the project is Colony Pictures.

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