Stephen Amell Under Attack By Racism Accusers


Stephen Amell is under attack by fans on social media with claims the former Green Arrow actor is a racist.

As a result of the recent protests surrounding the George Floyd incident as well as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and accusations surrounding Danielle Panabaker being a racist in relation to Candice Patton having resurfaced, users on social media are stating Stephen Amell is a racist.

Fans didn’t like what Amell said recently on a podcast:

“Racism is a systemic problem, but I’m not as familiar with it just because I haven’t seen it in action, personally. Obviously, I see the video of George Floyd being murdered by white police officers, I remember the Trayvon Martin case, and all the things that have been happening,” He said. “Although most of that, for me personally, has been overshadowed by gun violence. That’s the big thing that’s difficult for me to wrap my head around, moving to the States, simply because that doesn’t happen in Canada. At all. Ever.”

A quick note: Amell is wrong about gun violence in Canada.

Stephen Amell Green Arrow

Stephen Amell, wife accused of racism

A writer for Image Comics also accused Stephen Amell and his wife of being racist:

Fans also weren’t happy with both Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin’s reactions to the news of Harley Sawyer getting fired from The Flash over controversial tweets, again with claims the actors are racist.

(via Bounding Into Comics)