Star Wars Plan To Save Franchise Includes Luke Skywalker Movie


More details come out in regard to how Disney may possibly be saving its failed Star Wars franchise which includes a possible Luke Skywalker movie.

The information once again comes from “the future ruler of Earth,” Doomcock, from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel who recently provided all those controversial Star Wars leaks including that Disney is resetting the franchise, Kathleen Kennedy is out and also that George Lucas is wanted back as the head of LucasFilm.

In a video posted last week, Doomcock says Disney is contemplating three scenarios on how they might save Star Wars which also includes a rumored Lucas Cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; however, Doomcock says that Disney may not want to release the Lucas Cut because it could further harm the brand because it’s so good.

“I’m told they are worried if the audiences saw for themselves how much better the Lucas Cut is than the Abrams Cut of Rise of the Skywalker they would be furious as the investors were when they saw it,” says Doomcock. “…Basically, I am told everything is on the table as far as Star Wars is concerned and specifically I have been given three scenarios that are being debated to erase the Sequel Trilogy and to determine the future of Star Wars. One bad. One good, and one that is lawful good/neutral in D&D terms.”

Luke tried to kill Ben

Option 1: Revising rather than deleting Star Wars

For the first option, Doomock says this is the worst option in that it will be a soft reboot that sees the Veil of The Force used to go back in time and warn Luke to not to try and kill Ben Solo. As Doomcock notes, this doesn’t change much as it still makes Luke Skywalker look bad because he still thought about wanting to kill his nephew.

“Ben still ends up turning to the Dark Side of The Force, but Luke’s hands are clean,” explains the YouTuber.

Doomcock continues: “I’m told in this scenario, The Force Awakens stays mostly the same with just a few tweaks here and there. The Last Jedi gets massively redone as Luke is dissuaded from attacking Ben. Ben Solo still becomes Kylo Ren, which kind of proves that Luke was right to try and kill Ben and vindicates Rian Johnson’s version of things and Luke trains Rey in the ways of The Force as he should have done in The Last Jedi. In the end, Princess Leia dies and Luke Skywalker lives, and then finally, the Lucas Cut would replace the Abrams Cut of The Rise of Skywalker although it would have to be altered to reflect Luke surviving the revised Last Jedi.”

Star Wars Luke Skywalker

Option 2: Erasing the Sequel Trilogy; Luke Skywalker movie

For the second option, Doomcock says, “This is the best scenario and the only one I believe can save Star Wars.”

Doomcock previously revealed this as part of the plan to save Star Wars back in June.

“In this scenario, they use the Veil of The Force to kill Palpatine when he enters the Veil at the end of Return of the Jedi thereby erasing everything that comes after that,” explains Doomcock. “The Disney trilogy becomes an alternate timeline and is never referenced again.”

Doomcock says Disney is deciding whether or not to go with a Luke Skywalker movie which would star Mark Hamill.

“In addition to this, I am told they are contemplating a new Luke Skywalker movie set ten years after Return of the Jedi set in The Mandalorian timeline,” says Doomcock.

What’s interesting is that following this video having been posted, just a few days ago saw a leaker on the WDWMagic forums offer up that Mark Hamill has already signed a new deal for more Star Wars, with the possibility including that Disney may go with new CGI technology for live-action films; so this could be a way of using Hamill as a younger Luke and fits with Doomcock’s own rumors.

Doomcock also adds: “Recasting Luke Skywalker is not an option here. If Mark Hamill wouldn’t do the movie, they would scrap it and move on to the third option.”

George Lucas Star Wars

Option 3: Return of The Lucas

For the third option that Disney may be considering to save its damaged Star Wars brand, it’s said a George Lucas Star War trilogy of films may come out which would essentially take the place of Disney’s Sequel Trilogy, in that the Disney Sequel Trilogy would be ignored and going forward the Lucas Trilogy would be referenced. YouTuber Grace Randolph has also said she thinks the Disney Star Wars movies will be ignored.

“In this option, they simply do Lucas’ trilogy without any of the old cast and completely disregard the Sequel Trilogy with no explanation given,” says Doomcock. “Option 2 is currently the favored option for moving forward. It is emphasized that as of now nothing is set in stone and all options are on the table.”

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