Disney ‘Ignoring’ Star Wars; Kathleen Kennedy Gone By 2022


Following rumors that Disney is going to reset Star Wars and erase the Sequel Trilogy, now it is claimed that The Force Awakens, Last Jedi, and Skywalker will be ignored and again that Kathleen Kennedy will be gone by 2022.

Grace Randolph posted what she knows about Disney Star Wars recently on Twitter and her YouTube channel in regards to the recent claims made by YouTuber, Doomcock.

Doomcock on YouTube has claimed that a Star Wars “civil war” is taking place within Lucasfilm between Kathleen Kennedy and those loyal to George Lucas, with it said a plan is in place to reset Disney Star Wars and use a concept called “The Veil of The Force” to erase The Force Awakens, Last Jedi, and Skywalker from canon by making them a part of a Star Wars Multiverse, essentially locked within their own universe and no longer a part of Star Wars moving forward.

Grace Randolph weighed in and said the movies won’t be erased, but that they will be ignored.

Doomcock has also put it forth that the head of LucasFilm, Kathleen Kennedy, will be stepping down, as the YouTuber reported Kennedy has decided she will not be pursuing an extension of her contract, but Randolph is stating that is not exactly the case, as apparently her contract won’t be renewed by Disney, which sounds like a mutual decision on the parts of both Disney and Kennedy.

Disney Star Wars

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy getting ignored by Disney

Grace Randolph tweeted on July 8: “Kathleen Kennedy NOT stepping down – instead almost certain her contract, which now ends in 2021, will not be renewed. Just like Ep 7-9 won’t be erased but more ignored. I’ve been reporting all for weeks, people are just putting clickbait spins on the real stories.”

While Grace says Kennedy hasn’t been fired, Disney and Kennedy, agreeing to not renew the contract, does sound like a bit of spin: Was it Disney that decided not to renew the contract? Then Kennedy was fired. Did Kennedy not want to renew? Then she is stepping down.

Doomcock is also claiming Kathleen Kennedy is stepping down from Disney Star Wars to start her own female-centric production company.

And regarding Disney “erasing” or “ignoring” the films, regardless of what specific description is used, that still means the Sequel Trilogy has essentially basically been wiped, which is good news for the fans.

Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars LucasFilm

Kathleen Kennedy stepping down, fired, neither?

Grace does bring up a good point in that Disney is a big business and won’t let any bad PR affect the Star Wars brand (which is why Bob Iger claimed they released too many movies which hurt the brand and not the fact they released bad quality films).

“So, no, Kathleen Kennedy, as I tweeted, isn’t getting fired and they are not erasing her trilogy, because big business simply doesn’t work that way,” explained Randolph on YouTube. “People make very careful moves in big business. You don’t want to have enemies. You have to understand how business works to see how everything is going to be able to move forward. So instead of ‘firing’ and ‘erasing,’ it looks like they are not going to renew her contract a second time when the current extension runs out in 2021.”

Grace continues to explain the reason Kennedy’s contract was renewed in the first place was to give Kennedy the opportunity to wrap things up and get things ready for the next head of Lucasfilm, but at the same time, Grace also previously said that when Kennedy’s contract was first renewed by Disney, nobody wanted to replace Kennedy because Star Wars was in such a state of disarray, nobody wanted the job.

Star Wars Lucasfilm George Lucas Jon Favreau

A new head of Lucasfilm in 2022

What Grace and Doomcock do agree with is that the future of Star Wars looks to lie with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, and when Star Wars Celebration returns in 2022, there will be a new head of Lucasfilm.

“And by the time Star Wars Celebration finally returns after a two-year hiatus in 2022, likely with a new head of Lucasfilm, I think it will be a celebration indeed,” said Randolph.

Doomcock previously said the new head of Lucasfilm could be Jon Favreau, or Doomcock said the new head of Lucasfilm could be a neutral third party so as to calm the dissension among the factions that support Kennedy and those loyal to Lucas within Lucasfilm.

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