Star Wars Reset Includes Kathleen Kennedy Stepping Down

It is claimed that Kathleen Kennedy will be stepping down from Lucasfilm to start her own female-centric production company, which follows the rumor that Disney is resetting Star Wars. Details once again come from the “future ruler of Earth,” Lord Doomcock, from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel. Recall it was Doomcock who revealed all those […]


It is claimed that Kathleen Kennedy will be stepping down from Lucasfilm to start her own female-centric production company, which follows the rumor that Disney is resetting Star Wars.

Details once again come from the “future ruler of Earth,” Lord Doomcock, from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel.

Recall it was Doomcock who revealed all those Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker spoilers and Doomcock even revealed trouble at Disney with Brie Larson prior to the directing and writing team being let go from the Captain Marvel sequel.

Sta Wars George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy

Star Wars “civil war” taking place at Lucasfilm

Doomcock has gone on record stating sources have filled him in that a secret plan is in the works to save Star Wars that involves some sort of Star Wars “civil war” taking place at Lucasfilm between Kathleen Kennedy, and those loyal to George Lucas, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

In Doomcock’s previous report, it was stated the Star Wars reset will involve the erasure of The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker through a concept introduced in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, the “Veil of The Force.”

“Kathleen Kennedy’s reign of terror is almost at an end,” claims the YouTuber. “I’ve been sitting on this information for weeks now seeking further confirmation, but at this point, I’ve heard enough from various viewpoints to credit this rumor may have some validity to it.”

It’s explained that Kennedy is dead set against the plan as it will undo everything she has done with Disney Star Wars.

“It attacks her legacy in a fundamental way,” says Doomcock. “It’s a stinging rebuke to her authority and vision and repudiation of her brand of identity politics and a signal to a grateful world that The Force isn’t female at all but belongs to everyone.”

Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars

Kathleen Kennedy not renewing Star Wars contract

Obviously the plan to save Star Wars couldn’t happen with Kennedy in charge of Lucasfilm, which means when her contract expires in 2021, she is out.

“Nearly a month ago my source notified me that a big meeting had taken place regarding the future of Lucasfilm. Bob Iger and Bob Chapek both participated in the meeting, which is significant, but even more significant was who did not participate in the meeting, Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm,” says Doomcock. “I am informed that Kennedy never misses meetings like these and so her absence was notable. One would think a meeting about the future of Lucasfilm would include the head of Lucasfilm, but according to my source, Kennedy did not participate in this meeting.”

It’s claimed that a few days prior to the big meeting, Kathleen Kennedy had a meeting of her own that lasted an hour and after she left, Kennedy withdrew from contact with underlings.

“A couple of weeks ago, Kennedy’s right hand contacted the staff, which is predominantly female, if not exclusively, and reportedly conveyed the following message on behalf of Kathleen Kennedy: ‘Miss Kathy has decided she will not be pursuing an extension of her contract, so if any of you wish to stay with her, you best be making your minds up. You have time, there is no need for any rash decisions but Ms. Kathy has plans to open a female-centric production company,'” explains the YouTuber.

According to Doomcock, there are rumors going around Lucasfilm that the meeting Kennedy attended saw Kennedy provided with data regarding how Star Wars has been failing under her leadership since the take over by Disney, as the movies, merchandise, and parks have been down-trending (something I have been covering for years).

“At this point, I have been informed that Kennedy’s contract will not be renewed,” says Doomcock. “She will be going on to create her own production company. Her leadership will be missed but Disney looks forward to what Kathleen will do with her new company… If this is true, it appears that Kathleen Kennedy’s reign of terror may finally be nearing its end and a reign of terror is exactly what it’s rumored to have been. After the financial success of The Force Awakens, Kennedy was foolishly given free rein to do whatever she wanted with The Last Jedi. The result was as sham. A crass and tasteless propaganda film. A shameless checklist of woke talking points overflowing with virtual signaling and contempt for what Kennedy perceives as the patriarchy, utterly devoid of narrative coherence, creative integrity, or anything resembling Star Wars. Kennedy had her way with Star Wars in an almost biblical sense and then set about changing the culture and mission of Lucasfilm stacking the staff with feminist ideologues and weeding out any employees that failed to live up to her political litmus tests. Case in point, Dave Filoni.”

Doomcock goes on to explain that several years ago Dave Filoni mocked fans at a women’s conference, and when Doomcock brought up concerns about Filoni, he says his source filled him in that those comments were basically coerced because at the time four years ago, Kennedy was in charge and “you didn’t step out of line if you wanted to keep working there.”

“She had her agenda. She told the monkey to dance, and he did,” says Doomcock’s source at Lucasfilm.

Star Wars George Lucas and Jon Favreau

Star Wars: There Is A New Hope

Another Doomcock source also says that while things have been bad at Lucasfilm, there is hope.

“The acrimony is genuine. Lucasfilm is a house at times bitterly divided and there is indeed a new hope for Star Wars as a number of positive changes are rumored to be coming,” says the source.

Again, as previously explained, the plan is to use The Veil of The Force to cancel out Kennedy’s sequel trilogy and to de-canonize things.

Doomcock also points out that Kathleen Kennedy leaving Disney and Lucasfilm looks to be true because of the recent announcement regarding Star Wars Celebration getting pushed back by two years, which is the year after Kennedy’s contract expires.

“Why pre-cancel the event for 2021? After all, no one has an idea what the situation with the contagion will be like from a year from now. Why not just wait and see? Why postpone the event to 2022? Well, my friends, ask yourself what will of ended by 2022? The answer is simple: Kathleen Kennedy’s contract,” he explains.

Doomcock goes on to say that starting in 2022, Disney wants to start fresh with the franchise and bring the old fans back. He says that Star Wars Celebration 2022 will see the announcement of a new head of Lucasfilm, if not prior, and that Kennedy will be moving on.

“It would indeed be a significant reset for Lucasfilm and it would generate genuine heat for a revamped Star Wars moving back to the basics Lucas originally intended and away from the divisive identity politics that has crippled the franchise and divided the fan base,” he says.

It’s said that one source is stating Jon Favreau will be named as the new head of Lucasfilm; however, another source of Doomcock’s says that a completely neutral party will be brought in as the new head of Lucasfilm moving forward to calm down all the internal problems and start fresh.

An additional rumor is also stating the Star Wars parks including Galaxy’s Edge will get remodeled to include actual Star Wars for the fans.

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