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Star-Lord Bisexual In Guardians of the Galaxy?

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/15/2020 - 16:02 COMMENT
Star-Lord Bisexual In Guardians of the Galaxy?

The latest issue of Guardians of the Galaxy #9 from Marvel Comics features a questionable panel where Star-Lord looks to have become bisexual.

However, taking a wider look at the issue and the page, the panel in question reveals a possible different story in that Star-Lord is not bisexual, at least according to my interpretation.

Long story short, James Gunn and Brian Bendis butchered the character of Star-Lord in their movies and comics, so Marvel Comics writer Al Ewing attempts to slyly fix things with references to Star-Lord's Master of the Sun origin which sees Star-Lord more in line with the 2008 Guardians of the Galaxy series from Abnett and Lanning that inspired Gunn's goofy flicks.

The story takes Peter Quill on a 144-year hero’s journey in a strange universe where time passes differently than in the 616 Universe where he befriends a pair of aliens, a male and a female (read Timelord's review here).

Following twelve years having passed, he finally accepts his new home, which is where the questionable "bisexual" part of the story comes in.

Star-Lord says it's been over a decade since he has been in this new universe and it's finally time to accept the truth that he is home, with the male alien responding, "Congratulations. The you-that-was is over. You're newborn. And ready to learn our ways."

The panel in question shows the three of them in a steam bath hugging.

Of course, I'll admit the panel does come off as being questionable and having a "bi-sexual" feel, but I'm betting Ewing did that on purpose and that Star-Lord isn't coming out as bisexual, only that he is accepting his new home and family.

The other possibility of course, and this is something Timelord thinks, is that they might have had a threesome but it is unclear if it was a bisexual 3-way, as the panel shows Star-Lord hugging the female, not the male (see below). Maybe Star-Lord and the male alien never "touched."

The issue goes on to show hundreds of years have passed, the female is pregnant, but there is really no more reference to Star-Lord being bisexual.

When Star-Lord finally leaves the universe, he says goodbye to the female (not the male) and the female alien tells Star-Lord: "Don't forget us stranger." So again maybe it was only a threesome but not a bisexual threesome.

What I find more questionable is that we are actually having this conversation about a Marvel Comics comic book.

Ewing did show Hercules and Marvel Boy to be bisexual so there is that...

Guardians of the Galaxy #9:

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Star-Lord bisexual Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics

Star-Lord bisexual Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Comics