Hercules, Marvel Boy Bi-Sexual In Guardians of the Galaxy


Marvel Comics confirms both Hercules and Marvel Boy are bi-sexual in the latest issue of its Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

The issue features a down and out and depressed Richard Rider Nova undergoing a psychotherapy session in regards to the guilt he feels about the death of Star-Lord as well as recent events in his life.

A majority of the issue features flashback scenes, with one scene revealing that Hercules and Marvel Boy hooked up in the midst of battle, which was really cringy (more on that below).

Hercules and Marvel Boy Bi-Sexual in Guardians of the Galaxy #6:

Marvel Comics Hercules Marvel Boy bi-sexual Guardians of the Galaxy 6
(‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ #6 via ComiXology) 

More political correctness from Marvel Comics

Why it comes off as cringy is because it’s forced on to the reader and isn’t organic, and in terms of what is going on, doesn’t make much sense.

It’s Marvel Comics’ political correctness.

I’ll let Timelord, our Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova reviewer who has previously been quoted by Marvel Comics in solicits and blurbs, explain (read his GOTG review here), and Timelord also has experience with war veterans (note: bold my own):

There was some minor character development for some of the other characters with the Phyla-Moondragon developments referenced for future issues and a rather ridiculous PC moment for Hercules and Marvel Boy. Now – before the Facebook and Twitter PC enforcer trolls collectively lose what passes for their minds, let me clarify.

I realize the ancient Greeks and Romans had in many ways much more enlightened views on the expression of sexuality than most of modern Western Civilization, and I realize that Western Civilization is moving toward more enlightenment in terms of sexuality and its myriad methods of expression.

Though Hercules has never been portrayed as bi-sexual in the past, I’m open to the possibility that he has always been bi-sexual but that no story has ever explored that part of his sexuality.

I have positively portrayed characters of all sexual orientations in all of my writings, so I have no problem with this development per se. I have a problem with the way it was portrayed.

While I am not a combat veteran myself, I work with combat veterans every day and not one of them in the midst of combat would stop to make out with anyone. Sex is not on your mind during combat. You’re too busy trying to stay alive.

The reveal of Herc and Marvel Boy as an item while bullets were still flying around them is just dumb and is easy fodder for criticism of shoehorning a PC moment into the story where it doesn’t belong.

That reveal should have taken place during a celebration after combat. It would have been more realistic and made criticism more difficult for even the harshest critics. In other words, my problem is with the method of the reveal, not the reveal itself.