Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Review (2020)


A Review Of Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Writer: Ewing
Artist: Cabal
Colorist: Blee
Cover Artist: Albuquerque

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Warning: Contains some spoilers.

This trippy multi-verse story begins the much-needed rehabilitation of the Star-Lord character from the hack-jobs perpetrated against the character at the hands of Gunn and Bendis.

Though billed as Star-Lord’s origin story, it really leaves more questions about Quill’s origin than it answers. Ewing acknowledges all the contradictory origin stories for Peter Quill and reconciles them with the comic book equivalent of a shoulder shrug. I was hoping for a ret-con back to the Master of the Sun origin story, and though Ewing heavily drew upon that origin story for inspiration – he never quite endorsed it as canon. The Gunn/Bendis variations of Quill’s origin story are also referenced – so basically, the reader may choose the origin story they like the best. Clearly, Ewing favors the original (and by far the best) Master of the Sun origin story as he leaves the Element Gun origin clearly in the mystical realm (its workings are clearly beyond Spartax technology) and some of Zeus’ dialogue would also support the Master of the Sun origin story.

This issue might better have been billed as Star-Lord’s redemption or rehabilitation story as Ewing takes Quill on a 144-year hero’s journey in a strange universe where time passes differently than in the 616 Universe. Over the course of the story, we see Quill mature (or should I say re-mature) into a character much closer to DnA’s portrayal. I found that to be a welcome change in the right direction, but more is needed and let’s please lose the blonde hair. He re-enters the 616 Universe a more physically mature character and hopefully, a more mentally mature character as well. We’ll see in upcoming issues.

The changes to the Element Gun are finally explained. I was disappointed that there was no return of Ship and the associated Star-Lord powers. I’m guessing Ewing pushed Quill’s rehabilitation as far as the editors would allow since the comic books are firmly in thrall to the MCU and a 3rd Guardians of the Galaxy movie is in the offing.

Cabal was the perfect choice for rendering the art for this issue. His art was thoroughly impressive and marks the best art for the series to date. Blee continues to deliver coloring which perfectly complements Cabal’s art. Albuquerque’s cover art was an enticing homage to the Master of the Sun origin story and is my favorite cover for this series to date.

This issue gives us a smart, imaginative, fast-paced, engaging, exciting, and visually stunning story that succeeds in making the Star-Lord character both interesting and relevant once again. It is hands down the best issue of this series to date. I hope the momentum from this issue carries on into succeeding issues and the much-needed rehabilitation of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters continues.

Article author: Timelord

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 preview:

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

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