Spider-Man Not Appearing In Venom or the Sony Spiderverse Spinoffs?


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There is presently lots of confusion surrounding Spider-Man’s place within the MCU.

It didn’t help things that Sony’s Amy Pascal has stated Spider-Man will be back with Sony following the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels.

And it probably didn’t help that Amy Pascal also recently teased Tom Holland and Spider-Man for the Sony Tom Hardy Venom movie.

To add to that, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said Venom is not a MCU movie.

So what gives? 

Collider attempted (and I say “attempted”) to clear up all the confusion regarding where Spider-Man, Venom, Silver Sable and Black belong.

The site flat out asks:

Just to be definitive, Spider-Man will not appear in any of these spinoffs for now.

Which saw Amy Pascal reply:

For now, correct. All of them are part of the Marvel comic universe. Not all of them are part of Marvel cinematic universe.

I’m not really buying it though, to be honest.

While I do agree that Venom and Silver and Black won’t be a part of the MCU, I’m not buying that Spider-Man won’t be a part of Venom and Silver and Black.  

We know that Spider-Man: Homecoming is a Sony movie. Sony is developing Spider-Man spin-offs. Sony has already said Spider-Man will be back with them and even teased Spider-Man’s involvement in the spinoffs. In addition, Tom Holland signed on board for another big Sony franchise with the Uncharted movies.

Regarding the question whether or not if Spider-Man appears in a Venom movie, does that make Venom a part of the MCU? The answer is an obvious no, just for the simple fact that Venom will never be appearing in the MCU. As I stated previously, it’s pretty much similar to Marvel TV not being a part of the MCU, as the MCU simply ignores it. It’s much the same with Sony’s Spiderverse–the MCU will simply ignore it, but will continue to use Spider-Man.

I can’t really see Sony not using Spider-Man in some form in their spinoff movies other than if it’s specifically stated in the Marvel and Sony deal. It’s simply a no-brainer for Sony to use Spider-Man to bolster their Spiderverse.