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Spider-Man Debuts In ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Cinematic Trailer

Spider-Man Debuts In ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Cinematic Trailer

Spider-Man finally debuts in the Marvel’s Avengers video game as a new cinematic trailer has been released.

Details include Spider-Man will be available in the game starting November 30 exclusively for Playstation, and that the event sees Spidey discovering A.I.M. plans to make its robot army invincible, before joining forces with the Avengers.

The Nov. 30 update will also see a Klaw raid event in addition to the following (via IGN):

  • Crystal Dynamics is also increasing maximum player power levels from 150 to 175.
  • Gear recycling will let you recycle higher-powered gear to boost your current gear if you prefer to keep your current look.
  • Shipments: A new path for players to earn cosmetics and other items via gameplay. Shipments will cost 500 units (in-game currency) and pulls from a collection of in-game items, with a chance to contain an outfit that can’t be acquired any other way. Thankfully, you can see what’s in the shipment before purchasing it, and you’re guaranteed to get a special outfit in every 100 Shipments. Crystal Dynamics says it’ll be sharing more information about this feature in the future.
  • Per-hero weekly objectives: Rather than using only one hero per week to farm challenges, you can farm rewards with each hero now. Crystal Dynamics says it’s exploring applying this change to other parts of Marvel’s Avengers as well.

​The game also doesn’t come without a bit of controversy as recently saw Disney name Marvel’s Avengers in its investor report in regards to taking a loss as part of its consumer products division, and Square Enix revealed they lost millions of dollars on the game as a result of lower than expected sales, with the president of Square Enix admitting there were “unexpected difficulties” and that “it has unfortunately not proven as successful as we would have liked.”

Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man Trailer:

Spider-Man Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Avengers Spider-Man Road Map