Snyder Cut Teaser Rumored For HBO Max Launch


A Snyder Cut teaser is rumored to be released with the upcoming launch of the new WarnerMedia HBO Max streaming service on May 27.

It’s claimed that HBO Max users will get a sneak peek of the Snyder Cut with the launch of the streaming service in two weeks.

The Snyder Cut teaser is claimed to “be a short video of behind the scenes footage about Zack putting his project together along with a few teasers.”

The info comes from a user on Facebook who is apparently a veteran of the Air Force and who has worked in radio.

“HBO, WB, AT&T, DC, and Time Warner are hoping that the hype will put HBO Max in a media frenzy, ensuring that it’s launch has a successful amount of subscribers and publicity. Then shortly thereafter, they plan on releasing the Snyder cut!” Joe Bateman posted to the BVS Allegory #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Facebook group on Tuesday.

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis On Infinite Earths ties to Snyder Cut

Bateman goes on to explain that Warner Bros. had or has plans to use a deluxe edition of the Crisis On Infinite Earths comic book that was recently released as part of the Arrowverse crossover that would feature new material, extending the Ezra Miller DCEU The Flash cameo and that the deluxe edition would have or will be released in conjunction with the launch of HBO Max in May:

The only part of this rumor that seems complicated is that DC Comics had planned on releasing a deluxe edition of Crisis on Infinite Earths graphic novel in conjunction with the HBO Max launch date. This hard cover, deluxe edition, graphic novel is to be based on the Arrowverse television saga. Rumor has it that there is to be additional storyline of Grant Gustin’s Flash meeting with Ezra Miller’s Flash. That continued storyline would basically explain how the Snyderverse is still possible, seeing how it still exists on another “earth”/timeline. Crisis also gives WB flexibility if they want to remove certain things from cannon (what that would be is anyone’s guess). The reason why this part of the rumor is “complicated” is that comic book shops are all closed, and printing has seemingly been put on pause.

ustice League Dark: Apokolips War

Bateman also claims the recent Justice League Dark: Apokolips War animated movie ties into things:

The release of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War was to also test the waters. If you saw the film, you’d know it contained many elements and head nods to Zack’s visionary plans.

Zack Snyder DCEU

Zack Snyder could return to DCEU

It’s also suggested that Zack Snyder could actually return to the DCEU if the Snyder Cut is a huge success:

If all true, this was planned to give Warner Bros maximum flexibility in the event that the Snyder Cut and Wonder Woman 1984 is a huge success. Fingers crossed it will be. That way, they’ll have their [scapegoat] and can continue with Zack’s plans.

“They are hearing us. Keep posting on social media. Keep paying for these films, graphic novels, etc. Your support is critical to very important decisions in the coming months. Give them a reason to bring Zack back! They are open to it if they feel that there is still a huge demand to continue with his universe,” says Bateman.

The Facebook user continues in the comments and suggests Zack Snyder stopped working on his Netflix movie, Army of the Dead, to work on the Snyder Cut:

Anyone notice the timeframe between when HBO MAX was announced, when Zack was hitting us hard with pictures of his cut, and the unexplained reason why Army of the Dead was pushed back a few months for production?

Zack was working on this. His pictures came from his project. He was walking down memory lane with us as he completed his work. Now he’s finished. And he’s just started production of his newest film. He’ll be finished with it by the time Warner Bros sees the hype of his cut and decides how to move forward with the DC Universe.

I heard this through a verbal conversation with a very reliable source. It’s happening. Get excited! And make sure you financially support it so DC brings back Zack.

Snyder Cut Batman

Snyder Cut rumored for HBO Max

Bateman does note this is to be considered a rumor:

I’m sorry. But I cannot reveal my source. It could jeopardize their career and what they are currently tasked with.

We will know soon if this is true. I certainly hope that I have not been fooled, and I certainly hope that I have made myself less trustworthy to you all. I must remain hopeful that this will all prove true soon.

This isn’t the first time that it has been said something Snyder Cut-related will happen with the release of HBO Max as Grace Randolph suggested an announcement about the Snyder Cut would also come with the launch of HBO Max, which the above Facebook user seems to be corroborating with a teaser that may be released.

Randolph has also said that Zack Snyder has scenes to finish filming and that Zack has huge plans.

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