Snyder Cut Rated R With Batman F-Bombs


You won’t see this in a Marvel movie, but Zack Snyder says his Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie will be rated R featuring a Batman that drops F-bombs.

“Here’s one piece of information nobody knows: The movie is insane and so epic and is probably rated R — that’s one thing I think will happen, that it will be an R-rated version, for sure,” Snyder told Entertainment Weekly. “We haven’t heard from the MPAA, but that’s my gut.”

When asked for details why the Snyder Cut would be R-rated, Snyder revealed: “There’s one scene where Batman drops an F-bomb. Cyborg is not too happy with what’s going on with his life before he meets the Justice League, and he tends to speak his mind. And Steppenwolf is pretty much just hacking people in half. So [the rating would be due to] violence and profanity, probably both.”

Zack also says there is a good chance that when the Snyder Cut of Justice League gets released on HBO Max next year (thought to be March) that it will also play in theaters.

“I’m a huge fan and a big supporter of the cinematic experience, and we’re already talking about Justice League playing theatrically at the same time it’s coming to HBO Max,” Snyder said. “So weirdly, it’s the reverse [of the trend].”

Snyder is referring to the recent announcement from WarnerMedia where its slate of seventeen movies in 2021 will be released in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time, but Snyder doesn’t necessarily support the decision.

“It felt like a pretty bold move and that maybe the implication wasn’t 100 percent thought out,” he said. “I feel like there’s a lot of people panicking during COVID. I hope that, in the end, that’s what this was — some sort of knee-jerk to COVID and not some sort of greater move to disrupt the theatrical experience. I thought we were kind of already getting very close to the ideal theatrical window where you still had marketing material out there and you hadn’t forgotten about the film by the time it came out on DVD or streaming. I thought we were starting to hone in on that sweet spot, but this kind of throws a monkey wrench in the works.”

Snyder Cut HBO Max Justice League

Snyder Cut of Justice League will be different than the theatrical release

Details for the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie include that it’s Zack Snyder’s original version and vision of the movie, as after following a family tragedy, Snyder was replaced by Joss Whedon, with Whedon’s theatrical release entirely different than what Snyder intended for the movie.

The good news is that following the “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign and with the launch of the HBO Max streaming service, WB asked Snyder to complete the Snyder Cut at a reported cost of $70-80 million.

Zack recently filmed a few minutes of additional footage involving Ben Affleck back as Batman, Amber Heard as Mera, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Jared Leto as Joker, where Snyder revealed he gave the Leto Joker a new look.

Joe Manganiello is also back as Deathstroke for the Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie who hopes it will lead to further projects involving his DC assassin Slade Wilson as Deathstroke was supposed to be featured in Ben Affleck’s The Batman movie and a solo film.

(via EW)