Jeff Loveness On Return of Richard Rider Nova: ‘angsty, puberty-stricken teens in space’


Jeff Loveness reveals more bad news for fans of Richard Rider Nova that were hoping for some sort of return to the popular and successful version launched under Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning: More angsty teen garbage is on the way.

Jeph Loeb and Axel Alonso canceled the DnA Nova when they received word that the Guardians of the Galaxy movie had been green-lit. Marvel threw just about everything they could at supporting NINO (Rider’s replacement that the true Nova fans dub Nova In Name Only). The “great” Jeph Loeb and the “great” Ed McGuinness was put on the NINO relaunch, but after only two issues, they were announced off the book. Subsequent creative teams and relaunches suffered a similar fate as any attempt at NINO – in any book – has failed.

Now Alonso and Brevoort have apparently finally realized that NINO is a failure and are bringing back the more successful Richard Rider Nova. The only problem is that – for some odd reason – Alonso and Brevoort are keeping the failed NINO around with Jeff Loveness as the writer. It appears as if Marvel is simply using Richard Rider as an attempt to further promote NINO, and they are doing the same thing with Quasar, who has been replaced for a second time as well. 

The new writer on the fourth or fifth NINO relaunch, Jeff Loveness, a comedy writer for Jimmy Kimmel, took to Twitter to offer it’s more of the same stuff they’ve been putting out that sold 200% less than Richard Rider under Abnett and Lanning:

Doing Nova with @theramonperez. Out in December. Very excited. Read it if you like angsty, puberty-stricken teens in space.

Likewise, for any Richard Rider Nova fan that was hoping for more of the popular and successful Annihilation version, that’s not happening, as Jeff Loveness and co-writer and artist Ramon Perez say:

I’m excited to portray another side to Rich.

I’m a big fan of Sam Alexander, especially Gerry Duggan’s take.

I just finished writing a page about a telepathic space dog giving Sam Alexander advice on how to deal with high school girls.

…you also have the local stuff in areas like Arizona, New York, and L.A. where we touch base with different characters.

I’m excited to build up Sam Alexander’s rogues gallery.

We’re not bringing back the old Rich; he’s come and gone. 

I’ve been asked my thoughts on the return of Richard Rider Nova by more than a few fans. My take on it is that I’m continuing to boycott anything with NINO in it.

There was no reason to cancel any of the Abnett and Lanning Marvel Cosmic which was a success without any promotion from Marvel.

I’ll only support NINO when he is no longer a Nova.

Richard Rider would never allow a young kid to have the power of a Nova, which is akin to having the power of a weapon of mass destruction (same for Iron Man and Ironheart).

When it comes down to it, Nova went a hundred steps forward under Abnett and Lanning and a thousand steps backward under NINO, Loeb, and Alonso.