Problems At Marvel Not A New Thing: Eternals

Following Secret Invasion, the Eternals movie is said to have had similar problems.

Following Secret Invasion, the Eternals movie is said to have had similar problems.

Marvel Sent Execs To Fix Eternals, Too

It’s learned problems at Marvel go back as far as the filming of Eternals, which has also seen Marvel Studios send executives to fix the movie.

Regarding the problems, on Wednesday a big report out of THR confirmed exactly what I said over the Summer about Daredevil: Born Again getting retooled.

The report also gives a rundown of the major problems that surrounded the Secret Invasion series where things were so bad on set that Marvel Studios had to send executive Jonathan Schwartz to get things back on track:

The company dispatched Jonathan Schwartz, a senior executive and member of Marvel’s creative steering committee known as The Parliament, to get Secret Invasion back on track when it was falling behind schedule and on the verge of losing some actors because of other commitments. 

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Eternals produced by Nate Moore and Wonder Woman 1984 and Solo producers

News of problems surrounding Eternals doesn’t come as a surprise as the film is one of the lowest box offices for an MCU movie, and the critics have given it a “rotten” 47% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Eternals was filmed in 2019 and was directed by Chloé Zhao.

According to IMDb, the film is produced by:

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Marvel Studios sent an exec to fix the Eternals set

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, this isn’t the first time that Marvel Studios had to send an executive to fix a project.

While going over the news about Daredevil: Born Again, Randolph says Marvel also had to send an executive to the set of Eternals while it was filming.

“I’ll tell you some tea I heard that Marvel also had to send an executive to the Eternals set because of some problems there and so this is not a new thing,” reveals Randolph.

Randolph continues, “It’s not like this is just a problem with TV, and I think you can see how Eternals turned out.”

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Marvel now fixing things

THR’s report also revealed that Marvel Studios film executives have been working on both the movie and television side of things and that going forward, Marvel will now hire TV executives to focus solely on Marvel TV projects.

“Yeah, you know, I don’t think these film executives are fixing it when they go down to set,” says Randolph. “They might get everybody maybe start talking again but I mean the product is not fixed so I think that’s problematic.”

True to Randolph’s word, both Eternals and Secret Invasion didn’t end up being good, so we see when Marvel Studios sent an executive to the respective sets, it didn’t do much to fix the creative process.

According to THR, Marvel is now trying to right the ship which also includes hiring showrunners and focusing on a quality story.

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