Review: Nova #27 (Marvel Comics)


Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Artist: Andrew Devito

Colorist: Bruno Hang

Cover Artist: Daniel Acuna

Warning: Contains Spoilers

This issue is everything Nova should be – tightly paced, beautiful to behold from cover-to-cover, exciting, and fun. Rich is at his most effective since Annihilation; showing once and for all why he deserves to wear the uniform of The Nova Prime. DnA hit a home run with this issue guys!

Rich, Morrow, and Irani are in a race against time to rescue Robbie from the besieged Kree-Lar as Shi’ar and Negative Zone troops under Blastaar’s command decimate Ravenous’ defenders. Robbie has managed to capture Strontian; but is having a difficult time holding her down in a gravimetric field. Rich and company must fight their way through Blastaar’s troops and Ravenous’ defenders before Strontian breaks free and kills Robbie. The last page is a real cliff hanger.

First, I want to compliment the art. Devito’s rendering of the art for this issue is incredible to behold. Not since Annihilation in the modern era or the Buscema brothers work on Man Called Nova in the 70’s has Nova art been done so well. My hat is off to Devito’s work on this series. Long may he reign. I also loved Acuna’s cover art. The Corps power dive through AAA flak toward the surface of a planet is as exciting in execution as it is magnificent in scope. It is a masterpiece in military SF art that I would be proud to hang on my wall if Marvel ever turns it into a poster (shameless hint intended). Hang’s coloring perfectly complements Devito’s art for a completely satisfying comic art experience.

Speaking of completely satisfying, I am going to have a hard time finding anything to actually criticize about this issue. DnA delivered a fine military SF story – the sub-genre in which Nova works best in my humble opinion. The characterization of Rich Rider in this issue is exactly what it should be. There is no hesitation. There are no amateurish mistakes. He is at his most decisive, most effective, and deadliest best. He is a true military leader. This is the Rich Rider I expect to see now – a seasoned, battle-hardened military veteran doing his job – albeit with a personal stake this time as he must rescue his brother.

We didn’t see much of the Ko-Rel Worldmind this time out – so I’m still not sure how well she’s going to work. I know some fans are not liking her – and I’m a bit skeptical about having a bitchy (her words, not mine) Worldmind in RR’s head – but I’m going to reserve judgment a while longer until I see where DnA are taking this.

I hate Strontian almost as much as her cousin, Gladiator; and I hope she gets her a– handed to her next issue as I am constantly annoyed by their “belief-based” powers. Speaking of Strontian and her powers, I’m glad to see my opinions from columns and blogs past vindicated in this issue. It seems that gravity does indeed overcome “belief-based” power.

Marvel has a cosmic gem on their hands with this property and I hope they continue to push Nova in the direction of space-based military SF storylines. From advance solicits, it appears that the Corps is around to stay, so I’m happy to hear Nova will now have a recurring supporting cast of characters. All Rich needs now is a romantic interest to make this series complete.

From beginning to end, #27 will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you wish this issue had been double-sized this month. Pick this one up and tell all your friends that they need to be reading Nova every month.