Nova Takes Center Stage On The Super Hero Squad Online Card Game!


Squaddies Assemble: Nova Corps!”

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1573:]]Wednesday saw the launch of of the most anticipated super hero card game ever! The Super Hero Squad Online Card Game blasted its way into local shops and found its way into eager fans hands that had been waiting outside in anticipation! The proprietor of a local shop had this to say about the hype surrounding S.H.S.O.C.G., “I have been getting phone calls for the past two weeks about when the cards will come in. Everyday someone is asking about them. I ordered a ton of stuff and it will probably be gone by the end of the week!”

No kidding! As I picked up my Avengers vs. X-Men two player intro pack, and some boosters to go along with it, five other customers were grabbing theme decks and wiped out two boxes of boosters before I could cash out! That’s 48 packs people! I knew this was going to be big, but not that big! 

As I pondered why fans were so ravenous about the game, my daughter and I began to unwrap our haul at home. Then it hit me, as soon as I unfolded the playing mats you get with the two player intro pack. There, beside Emma Frost, Cyclops and Dr. Strange stood — Nova! Not Sam Alexander Nova, the original cosmic cop — Richard Rider Nova! The same one you can play as in Super Hero Squad Online (Hint, Hint)! Could this be why fans were burning through boxes of boosters like a cosmic blast through a Dire Wraith? No, it can’t be — could it?

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1574:]]Boosters were gently torn open, so as not to ruin the codes we could use in S.H.S.O., and a bevy of heroes began to pour out. We got Hulks and Caps, Gambits and Jean Greys, but as we opened our fourth pack there it was — Nova! Again and again, Nova cards were found strewn throughout our booster packs like a sprinkling of extraordinary in a pot of awesomeness! I couldn’t believe that all I had to do to find Richard Rider prominently displayed again, was to play S.H.S.O.C.G.! This had to be why so many people were clamoring for packs! True Nova fans racing for a glimpse of their beloved character again! That, and the game is fantastic! Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike and way easier to play than most other card games on the shelves today!

So, we built our decks. The “DOC” as the Avengers and “Lil’ Thunder” as the X-Men, with a couple Nova cards thrown in for good measure! As the smile on my daughter’s face widened with every turn we played, I relished every moment of it! This was AWESOME! Time spent with my daughter and something we both enjoy — comics! Nothing is better than that! Especially if you have Nova in your deck!

shsocard2 Nova Takes Center Stage On The Super Hero Squad Online Card Game!

shsocard3 Nova Takes Center Stage On The Super Hero Squad Online Card Game!