New DCEU Rumors: Man of Steel 2 and More

New DCEU Rumors: Man of Steel 2 and More

A new batch of DCEU rumors has hit the net regarding the direction WB may want to take with its movies.

It’s actually a lot of info that has already been said and lists the movies at DC that are in active development.

According to Revenge of the Fans, WB’s current slate of movies consists of:

Obviously we already know that Aquaman has a release date; Shazam! has a release date; Wonder Woman 2 has a release date; Suicide Squad 2 has a director and Joel Kinnaman just confirmed the cast is training; Flashpoint has a pair of directors, and we know Matt Reeves has been working on his Batman movie; so again, nothing new. 

A movie said to soon get officially announced is another DC film that we already know is in development as director Chris McKay has been offering updates on social media: Nightwing.

Man of Steel 2

Now some potential new information is in regards to Man of Steel 2.

The site claims that Man of Steel 2 (or whatever they are going to call it) would have been announced with the success of the Justice League movie. Emphasis on “success” because the Justice League movie wasn’t a success.

It’s said that WB loved responses that Henry Cavill as Superman was getting from Justice League test screenings (Cavill and Superman are finally being promoted with the Blu-Ray release), and that WB was hoping to “ride that positive wave right into an official announcement in January.”

Well, January is here and a Man of Steel 2 announcement hasn’t come.

So with Justice League falling flat and “mired in controversy” no announcement has been made.

The good news is that it is claimed there are still plans for an official announcement about a Man of Steel 2 release date and a director, but it unknown when, just “pretty soon.”

The site also offers an update about their previous claims that WB is going to curb rumors, with it now said WB is going to launch a DC news show that is “similar to DC All Access, but daily and exclusive stuff. Major news will be released through this portal.”

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam

We know that other movies have been talked about as of late, but are not officially confirmed to be happening (which means there is still a possibility they might not), which include:

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