Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching Batman Vs. Superman


michael shannon fell asleep batman vs superman Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching Batman Vs. Superman

Following getting his neck snapped by Superman in Man of Steel, it’s learned Michael Shannon couldn’t keep awake while watching Batman vs. Superman. Maybe we can excuse General Zod for taking a quick nap as his character was a corpse in the film. 

“You’re gonna get me in trouble, man! People ask me about this all the time. Okay, I’ll tell you the god’s honest truth. Zack [Snyder] is gonna kill me for this — he’s gonna kill me. I watched it once and I fell asleep,” Michael Shannon told Fandango. “I know, I know.. I was on an international flight and I was tired. I shouldn’t have been watching it on a plane. But I never go to the movies anymore! I don’t have time to see anything. I used to go to the movies all the time when I was 20 years old and wasn’t working 10 days a week.”

It’s mentioned that ironically enough not being a movie star means not getting to watch many movies due to having such a busy schedule.

“Exactly! You’re too busy, but it also becomes harder to watch movies,” Shannon said. “It’s like when they say don’t ever look inside the kitchen of a restaurant you like to eat at. Don’t get me wrong, though, I can still get sucked into a movie pretty hard.”

Michael Shannon also talked about being up for a Star Wars or Marvel movie