Merry Christmas From Henry Cavill, Superman and the Snyder Cut


Merry Christmas from Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder as the Man of Steel actor releases a video on social media and Snyder posts new Superman images from his version of Justice League.

Henry Cavill, who can be seen in the stellar new series on Netflix with The Witcher, posts a video of himself wearing a Santa Claus hat where he gives his dog, Kal, a Christmas present.

“Santa just came with Kal’s present and I think he might know what it is. What do you guys think?” Cavill said.

Henry Cavill Christmas video:

Henry Cavill Superman Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder teases Superman for his Justice League

Regarding the new Henry Cavill Superman images, Zack Snyder posted the above pic on the Vero social app along with a new pic of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (see below).

“You are my lord and king. You are Arthur,” Snyder said about the Superman and Aquaman image.

“Have you found the secret that I have lost?” Snyder said about the Affleck pic.

A second Superman image offers: “Drink from the chalice and be reborn,” which is a reference to Snyder teasing that his cut is the Holy Grail.

“Yes. You in the land are one,” Snyder said about the pic.

Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne Snyder Cut

Superman Henry Cavill Snyder Cut

In the comments from some of the other images Snyder recently posted, Snyder also answered fan questions:

On not having watched the Justice League theatrical version:

“A lot of reasons… people who I trust and who have seen the theatrical cut and the true cut told me to never watch it,” Snyder said.

Are there more Knightmare sequences?

“Oh ya,” Zack revealed.

Is the film finished?

“Film is not 100 percent finished still some stuff I want to do as with every film I’ve made sure what difference it makes as to the finished level of the film,” Snyder said.

Favorite shot of The Flash?

“Him running across the fabric of time,” Snyder replied.

New Zack Snyder Justice League t-shirt

Zack also created a new Justice League t-shirt for charity, which features logos for Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter:

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