‘Release The Snyder Cut’ Is The Holy Grail; Zack Not Backing Down


Zack Snyder is apparently not backing down as he takes to the Vero app to reveal the runtime for the “Snyder Cut” along with a very peculiar piece of art about the Holy Grail.

Snyder, who was first an artist before becoming a filmmaker, posted an image of “The Temptation of Sir Percival,” an oil canvas painting done by Arthur Hacker in 1894, that is described as:

According to the legend, Sir Percival was one of the King’s Arthur knights. On his quest for Holy Grail, he was tempted by a devil in disguise of a beautiful woman, in order to keep him from attaining the Holy Grail. She tried to get him drunk and seduced, but he saw a cross as he looked on his sword hilt. He crossed himself and the woman vanished.

Based on the painting, If I had to guess, Zack Snyder (Percival) is trying to say that something tempted him not to release the “Snyder Cut,” but, similar to Percival, he overcame the temptation and wants the “Snyder Cut” released (the Holy Grail) no matter what he has been offered.

So did WB (a devil) try burying the “Snyder Cut” (The Holy Grail) by offering (a beautiful woman) Zack a wad of cash or perhaps some sort of new gig or something else entirely?

We’ll never know, but we do know that Zack wants it released.

Over the image, Zack put the number “214,” which is the “Snyder Cut” runtime: 3 hours and 34 minutes long.

Zack also confirmed in the comments that the 214 minutes doesn’t include the credits, so it’s actually a bit longer.

Fun fact: “214” is actually the number equivalent of “holy grail” in Franc Baconis gematria, so we see Zack is saying that his version of Justice League is literally the Holy Grail (Zack uses similar symbology in his Justice League t-shirt for charity).

Zack Snyder “Release The Snyder Cut” runtime painting:

Zack Snyder Cut runtime painting