Mel Gibson Talks Iron Man 4 & Ben Affleck


mel gibson ben affleck iron man 4

Robert Downey Jr. recently threw Mel Gibson’s name out there to direct Iron Man 4.

Downey playfully said if Mel Gibson directs Iron Man 4, then he would return for the fourth Iron Man installment.

Extra recently caught up with Mel Gibson and asked him about it, with Gibson responding in the affirmative.

“Robert said he would do Iron Man 4 if you directed,” Mario Lopez remarked, with Gibson laughing in response. “Would you consider it?”

“Of course,” Gibson immediately answered. “I’m pretty good at directing. I think I got some statues for it. I think I can do it.” 

Mel Gibson was also asked about Ben Affleck, who is playing the new Bruce Wayne in Batman Vs. Superman.

“[Affleck is] amazing… He’s really good. You could see in the first thing that he did that he’s a very good director. He has a good eye for that stuff, and it’s been proven now. He’ll just go from strength to strength.”