Maximum Carnage Again Rumored For Spider-Man, Venom, MCU Crossover


Back in August, a rumor surfaced that Sony’s Venom movies may be adapting the “Maximum Carnage” comic book storyline featuring Venom, Spider-Man and Carnage, which would mean Tom Holland would appear alongside Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson.

With the casting of Shriek for Venom 2, as I also pointed out, now THR is offering that the Venom movies may be adapting “Maximum Carnage” as well. While the site doesn’t offer any insider knowledge, the article basically puts the pieces together as recent rumors have:

It seems doubtful that Venom 2 will be a straight adaptation of Maximum Carnage, given the wide cast of characters that event brought together. But next summer’s Morbius, starring Jared Leto, seems likely to feature some mention of Venom, or even a post-credit appearance before the character returns in full in October. And with a Black Cat solo film in the works, the central characters are being put in play. And given Marvel Studios Kevin Fiege’s recent comments about Spider-Man’s future in the MCU and outside of it, the crossover potential seems more likely than ever. If we’re lucky, the presence of Shriek is an echo of something much larger in the distance.

Venom 3 Maximum Carnage

Venom 3 said to be Maximum Carnage

Regarding the rumors, it has been claimed that Venom 3 will adapt the “Maximum Carnage” storyline, be set within the MCU, and be rated PG-13.

A most recent rumor also offers that Kevin Feige wants to bring in the Sony Spider-Man related characters, including Venom and Carnage, into the MCU and tie things into a Spider-Man multiverse and a big Secret Wars and Battleword series of movies and TV shows.

According to the rumor, how things play out depends on if Kevin Feige is involved as a producer – or if Disney simply buys Spider-Man back from Sony outright – but it is said regardless of what happens, Tom Holland will be playing a version of Spider-Man that will appear alongside Venom.

(via THR)