Marvel’s Eternals Now Rotten


Marvel’s Eternals is now considered “Rotten” on the Rotten Tomatoes movie aggregate site, which is a considerable drop from just a few days ago.

With 116 advanced reviews accounted for from early screenings for the media, the Eternals Rotten Tomatoes Score is 59%.

That 59% score gives the flick a “Rotten” rating as the site considers “Fresh” movies anything 60% and above, so that means over 60% of the reviewers didn’t like the flick and gave it a negative rating.

The score is also the lowest of any of the Marvel movies and marks the first MCU movie to be considered “Rotten.”

The 59% score for Eternals also shares company with Marvel TV’s Iron Fist (37%) and Inhumans (11%) as the only “Rotten” ratings to come out of the MCU.

Regarding the considerable drop, following the first batch of reviews, Eternals was around a 72% “Fresh,” but dropped significantly to around 63% and now is at a “Rotten” low of 59%.

Eternals Rotten Tomatoes Score

Fans don’t want woke politically correct content

As I have been stating for years, and it’s the reason I created this site back in 2008, fans don’t want their favorite characters replaced by politically correct characters where the story is sacrificed for the sake of a woke agenda.

Obviously, Disney, Marvel, and Kevin Feige didn’t learn from the crappy Kathleen Kennedy Star Wars movies, but in their arrogance, figured because it’s “Marvel” that the brand is invincible and that they could continue to force the woke agenda, but that is not the case and fans are responding accordingly, just as the fans responded to Brie Larson and Captain Marvel and all the Hollywood drivel released as of late.

The question remains, though, does Disney, Marvel, Feige, and Hollywood, even care, as following failure upon failure upon failure, the garbage keeps getting released in a take it or leave it attitude?

I’ll leave it, and it seems I’m not the only one.

Marvels Eternals

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