Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Play Batgirl

Lindsay Lohan Really Wants To Play Batgirl

Joss Whedon is currently developing a Batgirl movie for the DCEU.

Not much is known about the project other than it will feature Barbara Gordon as the titular character.

Whedon is directing, producing and writing the Batgirl movie and previously offered he isn’t necessarily looking for a big-name actress.

“No. I don’t have my eye on anybody,” Whedon said last April. “I feel like I am creating this character. I am going to dialogue with her, and then we’ll see who joins that later on. I doubt it will be a name. I think this is somewhere where you go and find Batgirl, then you cast her. I’m not against movie stars. They’re great, but you need somebody who is going to be just right, and the situation like this, the name carries a lot of weight, so it’s not as critical.”

That said, it hasn’t stopped Lindsay Lohan from seemingly vying for the role of Batgirl as twice now she has taken to Twitter to show her interest.

Previously, Lindsay Lohan asked her fans to retweet and tell Joss Whedon she should star in Batgirl, and now Lindsay Lohan simply tweeted an image of herself side-by-side a pic of Batgirl.

It should be noted Lindsay Lohan definitely has the look of Batgirl down, so who knows what might happen.

Geoff Johns also previously let it be known that Joss Whedon is supposed to start Batgirl this year, so maybe casting news will be coming soon as well. 

I perviously put it forth that Lindsay Lohan might not be a bad candidate to play Batwoman, Kate Kane…

Batwoman Kate Kane

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