Trans Actress Defends ‘Woke’ Batgirl To David Zaslav

Ivory Aquino was set to play Barbara Gordon's best friends and responds to the cancellation on social media.

Ivory Aquino was set to play Barbara Gordon's best friends and responds to the cancellation on social media.


Trans actress Ivory Aquino defends Batgirl and the notion that it is woke in a series of Twitter posts aimed at Warner Bros. Discovery and Ceo David Zaslav.

Ivory Aquino was set to co-star in the movie as Alysia Yeoh, the best friend of Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon.

Following it recently said that a Batgirlfuneral screening” is being held for the cast, crew, and executives involved, Ivory Aquino took to Twitter to share her thoughts and feelings with the fans and specifically called out David Zaslav.

Ivory Aquino
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Ivory Aquino responds to Batgirl cancellation

“@WBD Dear Mr. Zaslav, I just read an article @THR about supposed ‘funeral screenings’ of #Batgirl and the possibility afterwards that the film footage would be destroyed.. if this is the case, as one of many who poured our hearts into the making of this movie, I ask that this measure be reconsidered,” states her tweet.

“As much as I’ve tried my best to be strong these past few weeks, I’d find myself crying, for lack of a better term, from grief, and tonight was one of those nights. As much as Batgirl has been labeled a woke film, it simply came together that way because of writing that reflects the world we live in,” she says. “For me, more than anything, it is a father-daughter story which hits close to home as my Dad passed a year ago, shortly before I booked this project, and I was hoping it would resonate with other children around the world, grown and not-so-grown, who hold their fathers in the highest esteem and who could see Batgirl as a story of that special bond.”

The tweets continue, “I’ve found myself not being able to talk about this ordeal with anyone. I realized that no one, apart from those involved with the film, would truly understand what we’re feeling. And talking about it with my castmates, I feel, might be akin to rubbing salt on a still-open wound. My heart goes out to @LeslieGrace and our beloved directors and entire crew & cast who spent months dedicating their all to this endeavor. Leslie checked in on me the day we found out of the shelving and only had words of comfort and support. I’ve dared not ask since if she’s spent nights holding back tears like I have because she has had to be the face of our Batgirl family and has had to put on a brave face as a way of taking care of us the way she gracefully steered our film.”

Ivory Aquino adds, “Tonight I finally got to talk with a dear friend here about these intense feelings who shared with me an anecdote which helped provide inspiration for this letter to you. They said the head of a company is like one large cog atop increasingly smaller cogs underneath. One seemingly small movement by this large cog may seem relatively tiny, but for those little cogs at the bottom, they can be spinning ten-fold and the effects can be seismic.”

“I can only endeavor to understand how one feels when tasked with tending to the bottom line like you have. I can’t even begin to imagine what one in your position goes through having such great responsibility to attend to,” Aquino continues. “I do know and ask, with something like Batgirl that’s a product of our hearts and souls, that the little cogs not simply be seen as widgets whose fates are determined by an equation to benefit the bottom line. More than widgets, we are fellow human beings and artists who, when given the chance, can outperform the equation and multiply the bottom line exponentially.”

Ivory Aquino finishes with: “If a month ago, there wasn’t a marketing budget for Batgirl, I’d venture to say that that has been taken care of by the turn of events these past few weeks. We’ve been fortunate to have such amazing supporters since the beginning, from Glasgow where we filmed and from all over the world. Now, more people know about our labor of love and are eager to see the movie. I do hope you get to read this letter. Consider releasing Batgirl. She’s always been an underdog and has nowhere to go but up.”

Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah also opened up and posted a heartfelt video stating their movie won’t be canceled and suggested to fans for a way to support them.

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