Joaquin Phoenix Talks Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Batman & Iron Man

Joaquin Phoenix talks Doctor Strange, Batman, Wolverine


Joaquin Phoenix was rumored to be playing Doctor Strange, and now the actor talks about portraying the Sorcerer Supreme and more in an interview with

It’s pointed out that negotiations seemingly faltered, with Phoenix stating he can’t talk specifics, but he does hint Doctor Strange may not have met his personal requirements.

I can’t talk about it. I’ve met on all sorts of movies throughout the years. What seems appealing about some of them is the idea of pushing myself in a way that’s out of my comfort zone. But really, it’s what I’m always looking for—good characters, big ideas and a passionate filmmaker. If those things line up with any kind of movie, I have interest in it.

Joaquin Phoenix does offer he is a fan of comic books with mention of DC’s Batman as well as Marvel’s Wolverine (interestingly enough, which are two properties not owned by Marvel Studios).

There’s some great Batman stuff and classic Frank Miller Dark Knight stuff and Arkham Asylum. But I was always a big Wolverine guy. I love Wolverine—big f—ing great dramatic character. They’re all conflicted, and they’re really interesting.

Joaquin Phoenix also lets it be known he was offered a part in one comic book movie, and does regret not taking it, but again won’t give particulars.

There’s only one movie I regret saying no to—except the person who ended up doing it was so good and was absolutely meant to do it, so I don’t have any regrets. I’m not going to say which one, but it was a really big hit. It’s getting to the point where they’re making some pretty decent movies. I thought Iron Man was fantastic.