Jason Momoa Confirms ‘Release The Snyder Cut’ Exists


“Release The Snyder Cut” continues to trend on Twitter, now with near 45K tweets, which sees Jason Momoa respond by posting an image of Aquaman vs Steppenwolf.

“#releasetheysnydercut Aloja,” Momoa posted on Instagram, with the image showing Aquaman gutting Steppenwolf with the trident.

Reportedly, Aquaman then throws Steppenwolf to Superman who punches Steppenwolf to Wonder Woman where she beheads him seconds before he enters a Boom Tube.

Steppenwolf’s head then rolls to the feet of Darkseid on Apokolopis.

Zack Snyder did tease the final battle in the form of Justice League storyboards for his version of the film (see below).

Jason Momoa Aquaman vs Steppenwolf Snyder Cut Justice League

The Snyder Cut said to be finished

Earlier also saw Zack Snyder post a new image from the Snyder Cut featuring Ezra Miller as Barry Allen with Kiersey Clemons as Iris West.

The “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign has seen renewed interest following recent comments made by Jason Momoa where he said he has seen the cut and implied Zack Snyder finished it.

“I have seen it. I’ve seen the Snyder Cut.” Momoa teased. “Oh, you don’t think Zack couldn’t finish it?”

Fans continue to support the release.