Jameela Jamil Responds To ‘She-Hulk’ Titania Criticism

As new images surface, the actress addresses the look of her character via Twitter.

As new images surface, the actress addresses the look of her character via Twitter.


There are a lot of complaints surrounding Marvel’s She-Hulk as the special effects look absolutely terrible, which has seen Jameela Jamil respond to criticism surrounding her character, Titania.

Recently saw a new batch of images where Titania is among them but fans aren’t too thrilled with what they see, so Jameela Jamil took to Twitter to defend the photo in question.

“Omg this photo.. Guys… I accept every ounce of shade here, but in defense of my excellent hair stylist, this is just my hair after a 14 hour stunt day in Atlanta heat,” she tweeted. “Just after being upside down. She did a *great* job on the show I promise. I love her. Boobs look ok tho?”

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She-Hulk special effects are terrible

The She-Hulk trailer that was released actually nearly broke the record for most views, but it’s not because of how good it is but actually how bad it is, as many fans tuned in because of the poor special effects which is proven by the fact the trailer has 461K dislikes on Marvel’s YouTube channel.

It has also been claimed that Marvel demanded She-Hulk to look smaller which was against the recommendation of the VFX team working on the series. 

What is also interesting is that recently saw a post on Reddit go viral which is about VFX artists doing work for Marvel complaining about the poor pay, treatment, and working conditions, which may explain why the special effects and production on the Marvel movies and TV shows has been so bad as of late, including She-Hulk.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law premieres August 17 on Disney Plus starring Tatiana Maslany who recently revealed her take on the titular character is inspired by a transgender music artist.

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