Interview: Being Human’s Sam Huntington Barks At The Moon: Talks SyFy’s Face Off



Sam Huntington, the star of SyFy’s hit show Being Human, as well as known for playing Clark Kent’s pal, Jimmy Olsen, in Superman Returns, will be appearing on this Wednesday’s episode of Face Off, SyFy’s special effects and make-up reality TV show.

Huntington will offer up his expertise as the contestants are tasked with creating a trauma victim that has been bitten by a werewolf. Of course, Huntington is no stranger to barking at the moon himself, as he plays Josh Levison, the werewolf, in Being Human. So who better to decide the fate of a contestant, as Sam decides which participant gets immunity in the episode of Face Off titled, “Dangerous Beauty.”

Huntington participated in a conference call, of which Cosmic Book News was present, and talked about the upcoming episode.

“I judge a Foundation Challenge, which is the first challenge of the episode,” Huntington said about his role in the episode. “It basically grants immunity to one of the contestants and puts, unfortunately, a couple in the bottom.”

Huntington, a self-confessed huge fan of the show, actually approached SyFy’s Co-head of Original content, Mark Stern, about appearing.

“I had been thinking how cool the show Face Off is, I really enjoy it because I’ve done so much prosthetic makeup. But also that I might be able to – it might be kind of a cool cross promotion,” Huntington stated rather enthusiastically. “So I talked to the president of production, Mark Stern, at the Paley Center in New York and I just suggested it to him. I said, ‘It’d be really cool if I could maybe do an episode of that Face Off show. I think it would be really, really fun and hopefully get both shows to benefit.’ And he immediately was like, ‘Oh yes, that’s a great idea.’ And so, as so many of these things go, you kind of forget about it. I made the suggestion and I was like, ‘Oh, maybe it’ll happen.’ And then sure enough, Syfy followed through with it and then created this Foundation Challenge. Kind of tailor-made it to what I know, as far as makeup, and so yes, the rest is history.”

As Face Off is a reality show, Huntington remarks about the tension present. Cosmic Book News was afforded an early look at the episode, and we can state that the tension that is a result of Sam’s decision continues throughout to the very end of the episode – and beyond, which is a first for this season.

“They pretty much kept to themselves, and I was only there for like three plus hours,” Huntington tells Cosmic Book News. “So I didn’t really get the full drama of the behind the scenes between the contestants. But yes, I mean I can say that when I had to put two of the contestants in the bottom, it was very uncomfortable. You could slice the tension with a knife, it was awful — it was awful.”


Cosmic Book News then asked Huntington if he was able to get any indication of a winner from the start. The actor admits it was difficult as they all looked good, but when he took a closer look, there was an obvious choice.

“Actually, you know what, they were all so fantastic. All the makeups were so great that nothing was glaring, you know,” Huntington said of the werewolf trauma victims’ special effects. “It really took getting right up to them and looking them over and inspecting each aspect of the makeup to make a decision. But then yes, after that, there was in my mind a clear winner. And a clear – and unfortunately, a clear loser. After that, I walked off the set and called my wife immediately, and I was like, ‘That was both one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.’ So it was tough — it was tough.”

While Sam did have to choose only one contestant who would get immunity, he says that all of the participants did do a great job, and would definitely sign on for another episode of Face Off if the opportunity presented itself.

“I really, really, really enjoyed my time on Face Off. Not only was everyone super sweet and really professional and smart, and the show is just awesome, but it was just cool to see these people who are just doing the work that they are passionate about. And it had nothing to do with acting. You know what I mean; it had nothing to do with normal narrative production. So it was a really, really interesting experience, and one that I really hope I get to do again. I hope that if we get another season of Being Human and they get another — I’m sure they’re going to get another few seasons of Face Off — then I could get to go back and do it again. I would lie in front of a bus to do it again.”

Huntington even offers his thoughts on what episode’s creature he would pick, much to the detriment of students everywhere!

“How about like – oh I got one. How about like a demon principal, like a high school principal. You can imagine a villain that’s a principal of high school, right? [He has a] big long yard stick, for some reason I picture that, you know. That’s the weapon – with a sharpened, maybe with just a nail in the end of it. And after they’re done maiming you, they draw a chalk outline around you. You know what I mean?”

Huntington admits how impressed he was with Face Off, and compliments the show’s host, McKenzie Westmore, as well.

“It was bigger than I think I expected. The production value was quite high and I was impressed by the crew and I was impressed by how streamlined their process is. I didn’t expect the production to be as big as it is. It’s a really big, impressive production. So it’s pretty cool. And McKenzie Westmore, too, was an extremely impressive person. Beautiful and talented and smart and geeky just like me. So that was cool.”

Face Off airs Wednesday, February 8th at 10pm ET on Syfy, and also stars special guest judge Vivica A. Fox. Check out a preview below with Sam Huntington.

Being Human airs Mondays at 9pm ET on SyFy.

Face Off – Airs – Wednesday, February 8th @ 10/9c
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