Everything We Know About The Inhumans TV Series


inhumans tv series details

Yesterday saw Marvel TV announce the new Inhumans TV series, and now new details have become known.

We can put together the following list from information contained in the official press release and articles at THR and the NY Times:

Inhumans is being developed by Marvel Television, ABC Television Group and IMAX.

Inhumans will consist of 8 episodes.

• The first two episodes of Inhumans will screen in IMAX theaters at the beginning of September next year exclusively for two weeks, with the remaining episodes to air later in the Fall of 2017.

• The first two episodes will be entirely shot in IMAX.

• The first two episodes will be edited to include additional scenes when they air on ABC.

• The look of Inhumans on TV will be enhanced due to IMAX technology.

• The co-financing arrangement with IMAX allows ABC and Marvel TV to spend more to make Inhumans, which will include cinema-quality visual effects.

• The Inhumans IMAX screening will include “big, theatrical moments specially conceived for the IMAX screen.” 

• ABC’s The Inhumans will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Lockjaw (the teleporting dog) and the royal family.

Inhumans is billed as a family action-adventure with signature Marvel humor, will be set in the present day, with some action seeming to take place on the moon.

• Not a spinoff from ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

• Not the Marvel Studios Inhumans movie.

Inhumans will debut in IMAX at a time when no Marvel movies are playing in theaters.

• IMAX said they worked with Marvel Studios “very carefully” to esnure there would be no problems with the Inhumans TV series competing with the Marvel movies: “We’ve worked very carefully with our friends at Marvel Studios — and this is a critical point — to make sure that calendar-wise and content-wise we are only enhancing the Marvel universe.” – Ben Sherwood, president of Disney-ABC Television Group.

• Marvel feels Inhumans would be a better fit for TV, with the reason given in part because there were already a lot of different Marvel movie franchises continuing (or you can read this reason).


• Vin Diesel is not expected to play Black Bolt

• Inhumans premiers Labor Day weekend 2017 in IMAX

• Inhumans premiers on ABC Tuesday, September 26th

Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck will be the Inhumans showrunner

Films in March in Chicago and Los Angeles

Chararacter descriptions

IMAX episodes will be directed by Role Reine

• Said to film in Hawaii: a 3,700-acre ex-Navy facility housed in Kalaeloa

• Working title said to be: Project Next

Iwan Rheon cast as Maximus

Anson Mount cast as Black Bolt

Serinda Swan cast as Medusa

Ken Leung cast as Karnak

Marvel casts remaining Inhumans

Inhumans debuts in IMAX on September 1st