Henry Cavill Still In Negotiations For Superman

Henry Cavill Still In Negotiations For Superman

Early this morning an article was published stating Henry Cavill is out as Superman amid a Warner Bros. DC Universe shake-up, but that is not exactly the truth.

The article was posted at 6:55 am pacific time – which is Hollywood time – so it was published before anyone basically got up on the west coast.

The article notes it appears that the DC Universe is losing its Man of Steel and went on to offer Cavill is out due to not doing the Shazam! cameo and more details.

Almost two hours later (8:45 am Hollywood time) then saw Henry Cavill’s manager, Dany Garcia, take to Twitter to offer her client is not out as Superman, and that they are still “partners” with WB.

So what exactly is going on?

I agree with mostly what Grace Randolph has to say in the below video in that a power play is taking place: On one hand, Henry Cavill and his manger feel the actor deserves more money and wants to be paid as an A-lister, but on the other hand, Warner Bros. feels Henry Cavill has yet to make it at the box office as an A-list performer.

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Regarding the earlier article from today, it seems to be a PR piece basically put out by Warner Bros. in an attempt to leverage Henry Cavill into signing back on as Superman according to their terms. Randolph below basically says the article was intentionally posted in the early morning so Dany Garcia would wake up and feel what it’s like to have a world without Henry Cavill as Superman. In addition, Henry Cavill could be on UK time, which is five hours ahead, so he would have been the first to have spotted the news, more than likely before his manager and could have even called Garcia to wake her up.

The article today from WB is basically a response to Henry Cavill recently announcing he signed on for the new Witcher Netflix series, which is something Randolph puts forth is a play on the part of Cavill’s team against Warner Bros.

Likewise, the same goes for WB announcing a new Supergirl movie in August, which saw the Hollywood trade sites first mention Cavill could be replaced. According to the reports, Henry Cavill said he didn’t have the time to do the Shazam! cameo, so Warner Bros. wasn’t happy with that at all, and they are saying they are going in a different direction with Superman including casting Michael B. Jordan.

What exactly happens next remains to be seen, but we can guess Dany Garcia obviously called Warner Bros. and further discussions are ongoing.

It’s hoped WB and the actor come to a deal with Henry returning as Superman for the Shazam! cameo and a new Man of Steel 2 movie.

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In addition to things being played out in the trade sites, it’s also being played out amongst the fans. Which side will fans take? Will there be backlash against Warner Bros for not re-signing Henry Cavill as Superman? Or will there be backlash against Henry Cavill for not coming to terms with Warner Bros?

To recap:

  • Henry Cavill and WB are in negotations to re-sign the actor as Superman
  • Dany Garcia wants Henry Cavill to be treated as A-lister and get more money
  • WB doesn’t feel the same and doesn’t want to pay Henry Cavill all that money
  • Cavill and his team decide to opt out of the Superman Shazam! cameo
  • WB pissed off so announces Supergirl movie telling the trade sites to mention Cavill could be replaced
  • Henry Cavill signs with Netflix for The Witcher TV series (it should be noted the series is only eight episodes, so it’s not like that would preclude Henry Cavill from doing movies, much like Dwayne Johnson does HBO’s Ballers and numerous movies at the same time; however, it’s reported Cavill said he didn’t have time to do the Shazam! cameo because of Mission Impossible, which is nonsense because the cameo could be done at any time)
  • WB puts out their article on THR stating Henry Cavill is done
  • Deadline states Michael B. Jordan is eyed as new Superman
  • Dany Garcia tweets Cavill is not done
  • What’s next?????

Check out more from Grace Randolph offering her recap of the Henry Cavill Superman situation: