Henry Cavill Done As Superman?

Henry Cavill Done As Superman?

Echoing my article from a couple of weeks ago, now it’s suggested that Henry Cavill may be done as Superman and won’t be a part of a Man of Steel 2.

If you recall, Man of Steel 2 was actually rumored to be announced at Comic-Con, but as we all know, the movie was never announced, and WB didn’t even announce anything new at SDCC for that matter.

Another rumor from Revenge of the Fans offered that Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. are playing hardball in regards to contract negotiations for his return to Superman for a Man of Steel 2. It’s said that Cavill’s manager wants him to be paid as an A-lister, but that WB doesn’t feel the same, so things are in a stalemate. It’s also been speculated that the success of Mission: Impossible – Fallout may factor into WB resigning Henry Cavill, with it now looking likely the M:IF film will be a success, which may mean the ball is now in WB’s court to resign Cavill, but the question has come about if they will.


Following it mentioned again earlier today that Ben Affleck is not going to play Batman, a user on Twitter remarked that if he was Henry Cavill, he would rather go play James Bond. A second Twitter user who appears to be somewhat connected in Hollywood (claims to be a writer) insinuates that is not from from the truth: “You’re not wrong…”

There is also speculation that Christopher Nolan will be rebooting the James Bond franchise following Bond 25, which of course you can guarantee Henry Cavill would like to be a part of; Cavill was actually up to play the part for Casino Royale and even made his way to final screen tests, but the producers wanted an older version – and went with Daniel Craig – but they did note at the time, Cavill was their pick for a young James Bond.

While promoting Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Henry Cavill did mention that he would like to be in both films.

“I would love to make a Superman movie,” Henry Cavill said in a previous interview. “Absolutely. I would love to draw from all of my favorite comic books and make an original story there which is based in the essences of those characters. And have that joyful, hopeful, powerful figure who Superman is. Not just the chocolate-box sort of saving kittens and stuff – a little bit of that absolutely – but also the bad ass version of Superman. Superman who you see is his raw power, not necessarily unleashed in a negative way, but you see it in the protection of other people, and that’s the kind of stuff… I would love to do it. Yes. It would be wonderful to get the opportunity.”

Henry Cavill

Regarding playing James Bond:

“Ah, James Bond,” Cavill laughed when Yahoo asked about the role. “I would love to do it of course. I think Bond would be a really fun role. It’s British, it’s cool. I think that now that I have my Mission: Impossible badge we can do real stunts and really amp it up as well. Not to say they weren’t doing real stunts. I’m just saying it would be fun for me to actually take what I’ve learned on this and carry it through to a movie like Bond. I’d love to play a Brit. I don’t get to play a Brit very often. So yes, I would love the opportunity and if they were to ask I would say “yes.””