Zack Snyder Confirms Green Lantern For Snyder Cut


Zack Snyder confirms Green Lantern will be a part of the Snyder Cut when it gets released next year on the HBO Max streaming service.

Worth a mention is that this isn’t the Green Lantern featured in the flashback scene, but is thought to be none other than Hal Jordan, possibly even played by Ryan Reynolds.

A fan questioned Zack Snyder about what Zack meant about “Unite The 7, as the fan asked, “First of all, thanks for everything, Zack Snyder. I just have a question: What did you mean ‘Unite The 7?’ A Green Lantern is coming?”

Zack Snyder replied with a winking face smiley emoji:

Zack Snyder Green Lantern Snyder Cut

Kevin Smith confirms Green Lantern

I believe it has been said that the scene involving Alfred stating, “He said you’d come – now let’s hope it’s not too late,” might actually have been Alfred talking to Green Lantern and not Superman, but I don’t think it has ever been officially confirmed.

Kevin Smith did previously reveal the Green Lantern Corps would have been involved in Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 and did say the original plan was for Alfred to talk to Green Lantern in that Justice League scene and not Superman:

“It was going to cosmic as they take the fight to Apocalypse, and New Genesis, presumably, but we know Apocalypse. The Green Lantern Corps was involved. Because do you remember that shot of Alfred going like, ‘Thank, God, you’re here. Let’s hope you’re not too late.’ And everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s Superman.’ (because the S is the hope). A guy I met and talked to and worked on the set was like, ‘We had green lights that were flashing on Jeremy Irons to project a green glow.’ I said, ‘Why?’ Because it was Green Lantern. But then things changed in production.”

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds rumored as Green Lantern in Snyder Cut

Regarding Ryan Reynolds who has been a big supporter for the release of the Snyder Cut (for some reason?), Ryan Reynolds is rumored to return as Green Lantern in the Snyder Cut, as the rumor states that someone who supported the Snyder Cut will appear in the film.

I can recall a theory awhile back that offered Green Lantern was off-world during the events of Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman, which explained Green Lantern’s absence. Obviously, Hal comes back, or maybe even John Stewart, or both, just in time.

Next month sees the big DC FanDome virtual convention which includes the Snyder Cut, so hopefully, we’ll find out more info; it’s expected that a full Snyder Cut trailer will be released.

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