Justice League 2 and 3 Details Revealed By Kevin Smith


With Zack Snyder officially done with the DCEU and launching his new Army of the Dead Netflix movie, Kevin Smith reveals details for Snyder’s Justice League trilogy.

Kevin Smith reveals that when he went to visit the set of Star Wars in London, some of the crew also worked on Justice League and told him about the movies, as Snyder had planned three.

The crew told him that DC Comics co-publisher and artist Jim Lee had drawn breakdown boards for all three Justice League movies which laid out the story in an epic vision. 

Smith says the first Justice League movie was: “Kind of what we saw, fighting Steppenwolf, meeting Steppenwolf, then a boom tube opened up and they saw Darkseid, and Darkseid saw them. There might have been a mini scuffle or not. Boom Tube closes, that’s the end of the movie, with them all knowing there is something out there and we have to go.”

Justice League

For Justice League 2, Smith revealed that: “It was going to cosmic as they take the fight to Apocalypse, and New Genesis, presumably, but we know Apocalypse. The Green Lantern Corps was involved. Because do you remember that shot of Alfred going like, ‘Thank, God, you’re here. Let’s hope you’re not too late.’ And everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s Superman.’ (because the S is the hope). A guy I met and talked to and worked on the set was like, ‘We had green lights that were flashing on Jeremy Irons to project a green glow.’ I said, ‘Why?’ Because it was Green Lantern. But then things changed in production.”

Kevin Smith continued by stating the first two Justice League movies ended poorly, “Like Empire Strikes Back or Infinity War.” 

“So they going to space and get defeated and Darkseid goes to Earth and levels it,” Smith explained. “So the vision that Batman had in Batman v Superman, where he saw the scorched Earth (Knightmare scene). that was going to be the entire third movie. The heroes last stand against Darkseid and the forces of Apocalypse. And then it went away. So it went from three movies to two to now just the one. There was so much of that movie we saw that was much better. They were like, ‘Look I was there for it.'”

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