Godzilla vs Kong Villain Leaks Online (Spoilers)


Godzilla vs Kong spoilers leaks online offering the villain of the movie courtesy a toy line showcased recently at an expo in Hong Kong.

Note: Spoilers follow.

It appears as if there is not only one “villain” but two “villains” as the Godzilla vs Kong toy line reveals two new Titans: Mechagodzilla and an unknown Titan.

Mechagodzilla looks pretty much like its classic silver self, but it has red on its dorsal fin and tail. 

Likewise, the new Titan has some sort of red cover on its back and is all black.

Godzilla vs Kong

Godzilla vs Kong features Mechagodzilla, new Titan

Recall in a previous article I wrote how Mechagodzilla was teased in King of the Monsters, so this comes as really no surprise.

We can guess that initially Godzilla battles Kong, but eventually they team up against Mechagodzilla and the unknown Titan — both of whom have been created by mankind, the real villain of the movie.

Update: New leaks offer details about the final battle scene to alleviate fans’ fears.

The newspaper headlines featured in King of the Monsters tease that Mechagodzilla would be used as a tool for war against other humans, with the articles also teasing that mankind had attempted to create their own organic Titans in the past, which may be the unknown Titan shown in the toy line:

…or even be used as a tool for war against other humans. De La Rosa went on to claim that Monarch was not only developing this mechanized giant on Skull Island, but had already tried to create organic Titans in the past, and that they are the cause of several of the recent Titan incidents. He is part of a group that believes that the Muto attack was an inside job and that the whole thing was an attempt by Monarch to scare the public and rum up support…

Recent leaks also saw cool footage of Godzilla battling Kong on what looks to be a submarine or destroyer.

Godzilla vs. Kong gets released November 20, 2020 directed by Adam Wingard; according to IMDb, returning for the film includes Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler, with newcomers including Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González.

Rumors also offer that the flick is “huge” and “impressive,” “large-scale” and “spectacular.”