Froy Gutierrez Might Be Marvel’s Woke Nova

Fans spot an IMDb listing featuring the assistants of actors.

Fans spot an IMDb listing featuring the assistants of actors.

Froy Gutierrez Might Be Marvel's Woke Nova

And it’s #RIPNova as it is looking like 25-year half Mexican actor Froy Gutierrez will be playing the woke version of Nova in the MCU, Sam Alexander.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted listings on IMDB for an untitled Nova project where assistants for actors are listed including Supernatural star Jared Padalecki who is rumored to be playing Richard Rider Nova.

Also listed from the James Gunn butcher job of Guardians of the Galaxy is John C. Reilly, who played Rhomann Dey, and Glenn Close who played Nova Prime.

Two newcomers to the MCU are also listed with Janet Montgomery who is known for Black Swan, and Froy Gutierrez who is a 25-year-old gay half-Mexican actor known for Teen Wolf and Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2.

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Woke Sam Alexander is a huge failure just like Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

In the comics, the woke version of Nova, Sam Alexander, that replaced the original, Richard Rider, also happens to be half-Latino, so it could be that Froy Gutierrez is playing the woke Nova.

Marvel Comics killed off and replaced Richard Rider as Nova right around the time James Gunn was developing Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s known the original script featured Richard Rider, but James Gunn cut Rider from his version.

So as Gunn developed his movie, Marvel Comics canceled the entire line of comics from Dan Abnett, which were a success as confirmed by then-editor Bill Rosemann who said sales were rock solid, and then-EIC Joe Quesada also confirmed the cancellations had nothing to do with sales.

What the cancellation was really about was Kevin Feige’s crappy ass MCU and the Marvel NOW! woke initiative that destroyed the comics and is currently destroying the MCU.

Captain Marvel was replaced by Carol Danvers, Carol Danvers was replaced by the Muslim Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel who is now a mutant, and Nova was replaced by a teenage Spider-Man wannabe written by the likes of Mark Waid and Jepeh Loeb, two of the biggest writers at Marvel Comics.

However, fans weren’t having any of the woke Nova which failed time after time with relaunch after relaunch.

sam alexander richard rider nova
Character art for Jeff Loveness’ Nova from 2016

Jared Padalecki being used for bait-and-switch?

Eventually, Marvel Comics brought back Richard Rider in an attempt to bait-and-switch and con fans into accepting the woke Sam Nova. Guess who it was written by? It was written by none other than Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania writer Jeff Loveness. How’d that work out?

So if we have to guess what is going on in the MCU, Kevin Feige might be using fan-favorite actor Jared Padalecki to con MCU fans into accepting the woke Nova. Well, it hasn’t worked out for Brie Larson or Iman Vellani, so hopefully, it won’t work out this time, assuming this is all true.

Richard Rider Nova Marvel
Richard Rider Nova

Feige desperate to copy DC: Marvel is dead

I’m also guessing Feige going with the woke Nova has to do with DC going with Xolo Maridueña as the first Latino superhero in Blue Beetle, which is certainly something that is getting under Feige’s skin, as Marvel won’t be able to brag how it featured the first Latino superhero. We know Feige loves to play follow-the-leader as he did with Civil War following Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman announcement, Spider-Man: No Way Home following Snyder originally planning the Multiverse first in his Flashpoint flick, and I am also guessing Feige went with Eternals the way he did in an attempt (huge fail) to copy Justice League.

So now that DC has Blue Beetle, Feige is going with the woke Latino Nova. The MCU is truly dead. No wonder Bob Iger is pulling back on things.

And to all you long-time Nova “fans” that have supported Sam Alexander: You can all go FK yourselves.

And to all you woke aholes, why don’t you go create your own new characters instead of destroying our beloved originals that span generations that legendary creators have worked on for decades?

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