The Flash & Aquaman Said To Lose Directors Over Batman Vs. Superman Reaction


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It’s being said that The Flash movie has lost its director, and Aquaman may have lost its director.

Regarding The Flash movie, THR is reporting Seth Grahame-Smith (whom WB never actually officially announced) has left The Flash over “creative differences” which is set to star Ezra Miller as Barry Allen.

Now Birth.Movies.Death, who was the source of the Suicide Squad reshoot info, is stating James Wan is having second thoughts about the Aquaman film.

The reason?

Batman Vs. Superman.

BMD says:

Both Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns were “taken aback” by critical and audience reaction to Batman vs Superman.

WB execs are now said to be at odds with Snyder over his vision of the Justice League movie and the DCEU moving forward.

WB was hesitant to take any action regarding Snyder on Justice League because they felt it would hurt Batman Vs. Superman‘s box office, as Justice League films so close to the BVS release date.

It’s said there are “lot of fights” between Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. executives as well as “lots of pressure” from WB on Snyder.

Regarding Aquaman, it’s said James Wan is in “tremendous amount of trepidation” about doing Aquaman, and that he really doesn’t need it as he has Conjuring 2 and Lights Out coming out soon.

It’s further said Wan is trying to decide if he needs the “hassle,” and that Aquaman may be delayed.

The report suggests Wan has the “upper hand” regarding Aquaman and may be able to get it made the way he wants. 

Snyder’s Justice League is said to basically remain as Snyder envisioned it (too late in the process for changes).

Suicide Squad looks to be a hit, as well as (obviously) the Ben Affleck Batman movie.