Female Iron Fist Coming To MCU

Said to be a new character for the upcoming Eyes of Wakanda animated series.

Female Iron Fist Coming To MCU

I knew something was fishy when I heard about the rumor that Iron Fist is debuting in the upcoming Eyes of Wakanda animated series, and of course, it’s now claimed to be the female version of the character.

According to the Can We Get Some Toast Twitter account, the female Iron Fist will not be from the Marvel Comics but will be a new character for the MCU.

The account says the female Iron Fist will be a woman named Janora who we’ll see in the series with a Wakandan named Basha.

Update: It’s said the live-action Iron Fist will also be a female version.

marvel comics fan fei iron fist
Iron Fist Fan Fei

Woke Marvel retconned Iron Fist

In the Marvel Comics, as part of the woke Marvel NOW! initiative, there is a female character named Pei who takes on the mantle of the Iron Fist and is the successor to Danny Rand, the original Iron Fist (played by Finn Jones in the Netflix series). Woke Marvel also retconned the history and introduced Fan Fei as the first Iron Fist, a female version from something like a million years ago (seriously).

So according to this rumor, the MCU version won’t be any of the versions from the comics, but of course, the first MCU version will be female. Look at how well that worked out for Marvel in that atrocious Mary Sue final episode of What If Season 2.

Back in 2019, Marvel insiders filled me in at Comic-Con that plans were in place to bring in both Iron Fist and Luke Cage to the MCU for a Heroes For Hires project, so we’ll have to see what happens. Maybe it will be female versions of both characters.

marvel eyes of wakanda animated series 1
Black Panther in What If Season 2

Marc Bernardin writing episodes of Eyes of Wakanda

Regarding the Eyes of Wakanda animated series, it was announced last month, described as: “Throughout Wakandan history, brave warriors have been tasked to travel the world retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts. This is their story.”

So connecting the dots, Basha is likely a brave Wakandan warrior who comes across Janora the Iron Fist in the immortal city of K’un-Lun while retrieving dangerous vibranium artifacts.

Marc Bernardin, known for being Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond co-host, is also writing for the Eyes of Wakanda series.

“I wrote two episodes of it so I know some things about Eyes of Wakanda,” teased Bernardin. “I can’t say anything about that or the snipers will get twitchy. This was a pandemic gig. This was the reason why I couldn’t come back for Master season 2 right because this swallowed my life for about nine months but I can’t wait until you guys see it because it’s so f’n dope… It all look so f’n great.”

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