What If Season 2 Finale Review and Reddit Reacts

Just when you think the MCU can't get any worse, hold my beer.

Just when you think the MCU can't get any worse, hold my beer.

What If Season 2 Finale Review and Reddit Reacts

Hats off to the Marvel fans on Reddit who finally get that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a complete joke. The What If…? Season 2 finale is now out on Disney+ and it’s a barf bag full of Mary Sue atrociousness.

If you thought Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are OP as FK, well you gotta another thing coming as Captain Carter is the OP AF of them all! And they added the cool new diverse character, Kahhori, and completely f’n ruined her!

I’m laughing out loud as I write this it’s so bad!!!

The short of what is going on in the episode is that Captain Carter is given every Marvel artifact and weapon in existence!!! It’s un f’n believable! It’s hilarious! It’s exactly as I said about the last episode, they want it to be all about Captain Carter so it’s not about putting out a good story, it’s how they can bend the story around Captain Carter to make her become the bestest evah! It’s more making the square peg fit into the round hole garbage we’ve seen from Kevin Feige since Avengers: Endgame. It’s simply bad writing (the head writer is gone, too, for following Season 2 and won’t be back for What If…? Season 3).

So after I watched the episode, I went to Reddit to check out their reactions. The Marvel subs are usually full of bot comments, Disney and Marvel employees trying to manipulate the fans, and brainless zombie shills who like everything simply because it’s “Marvel.” Boy was I wrong as the episode is getting trashed by fans! Good for them! Check out the reactions below.

It’s as I have been stating for years, if you keep eating the garbage they are giving you, don’t surprised if that’s what you keep getting! Me? I send it back every time demanding what I have come to expect: the best!

This tweet which is also topping Twitter with nearly 300k views is also funny as heck:

what if season 2 finale

Redditors react:

Reddit user WildSinatra gets the best comment award:

This might actually surpass the Secret Invasion finale for peak bullshit fan-fiction nonsense. SO much wrong with this episode I can’t even fathom how they come up with this stuff. Genuinely the worst episode of this series so far with complete disregard for established lore and power balance.

  • Peter Quill (half Celestial) could barely hold ONE stone, The Hulk couldn’t use SIX without massive damage, Tony Stark had to die for a single snap – Peggy Carter can somehow use all six stones in combat unscathed.
  • Kahorri was an awesome original character that should’ve been left alone here – involving her just gave her what I’ll call the “Gaia effect” where suddenly she knows all the lore, is among the strongest in the room for absolutely no reason, and is now even spouting MCU one liners in Mohawk between English. They sabotaged her character in the same season they built her up.
  • Kilmonger snaps Thanos then proceeds to take a combat stance against Peggy and Kahorri – are you serious? The idea that this same Kilmonger that lost to this very Captain Carter wouldn’t just immediately snap her as well is insane and just makes everything that follows entirely unbelievable.

Overall probably the most inconsistent, nonsensical episode of the whole run. And in a large, wide multiverse somehow the only characters running around are Lokis, Carters, Stranges and Thors? Like season 1 you had the excuse of retreading familiar ground but season 2 was supposed to be where things got off the ground and it didn’t really feel that way. Where is What If..? of Phases 4 and 5? These Infinity Saga stories are already old. –

Additional reactions:

Really disappointing finale. Really disliked what they did with Strange and a lot of things here didn’t make sense. – Landon1195

Same this season was good but I hated that finale. Felt like a toy commercial that was retreading similar territory from season 1. – Huge_Yak6380

This show gives me such whiplash. The concept on paper is great and I really do want to enjoy it, but for every episode I like, there’s at least two that are an absolute pain to get through. Also, WHY do they feel the need to kill off Thanos every other episode? It costs them nothing to just not include him at all – Sound_swipe

Kahori was the best thing about this rather meh season. Of all the things to shit the bed on, it’s just fundamentally weird that they shit the bed on What If. There’s so much potential left untapped. – JANTlvr

God, I cannot stand Peggy Carter, I don’t know why the writers insist on showing her, it would have been awesome with just Kahori throwing hands. Carter is an uninteresting Mary Sue that apparently can punch a universe destroying monster without any other enhancements – ka0saHer3ld

As for my episode thoughts, I think the battle was cool but other parts disappointing. Such as Strange totally regressing character wise, only having Captain Carter and Kahori fight him (I think others should’ve been included from this season like Hela in her white armor, nova Corp Nebula, purple hulk, Wanda merlin, etc) for it to make more sense… – splendidsplendoras

The plot holes in this episode are crazy. – ShawnMichaels123

Ugh can’t believe the bait and switch they did of Strange learning his lesson, only to undo it for a cheap season finale fight(tbf it was very well done but I’m still livid they had Strange regress) – 8a19

Some bad clichéd writing throughout this series. The final episode just made me numb. The multiverse is just exhausting and the final fight scene was tedious as fuck. Kahhori episode was good, but her appearance here was just bleh. The X-men can’t come soon enough. – Limario

I feel like this encapsulated the very worst trends of magic/super-powered fight scenes, where it all just devolves into flashy, hard-to-follow nonsense where even the power sets with most creative potential are just used as ‘Fire more beams’ or ‘Win Button that will be conveniently forgotten a second after its use’. It really makes bringing all those important, magical items together such a mundane and bland event because they’re all just a modifier on a stat sheet. Season 1’s finale, for all it’s flaws, had a more interesting battlefield, collection of fighters and creative tactics incorporating their powers. – CheeseQueenKariko

Supreme Strange being the big bad of season 2 makes no sense, what happened to his character development? Didn’t he realize that bringing back Christine was impossible since her death was a nexus event? Which I guess it no longer is since he technically succeeded in the end. Kahori’s powers are very vague (the tesseract can teleport between universes and take over portals?) then again the infinity stones powers are almost always whatever the writers need and to just shoot beams of energy. I thought the ideas explored in this season were more interesting than season one but the finale was much worse. – Zathbar

My problem with it is it’s almost the exact same story as his story in season one, all of his development gets undone completely offscreen – Zathbar

Him succeeding makes Captain Carter resisting him look worse. She jeopardized all the innocent people of that universe just because the forest girl she just met gave her a sad face and said that she should. It was nonsense. – Americana5

I wish I understood the appeal of Captain Carter but after two seasons I’m still struggling to do so. The way they had to literally hand her everyone else’s strengths so that she could be the main one to fight Strange was so cringe as well. I’m sure I’ll be downvoted, but I don’t care. I really hope in season 3 they chill out with CC. – MythicallyMinty

The problem is that she can’t logically wield some of that stuff. – ShawnMichaels123

I liked all the episodes but hated this last one. All the character development of strange went to trash for sake of showing cool villains and heroes fight for 5-10 minutes. – ImSoIwill

“My grief is too much.” “DIEE!!!!” I’m sorry but imo the dialogue in this series is absolutely awful – _Dan_the_Milk_Man_

Complete garbage of a season and episode. It’s no wonder that they released the episodes so quickly, they knew that it was such shit that no one would stick around for 9 weeks to watch this crap. Why did Strange even need Peggy? Why Peggy over and over? Hilarious how so many people enjoy mediocrity. Downvote away. – BeardsleyBigBrain

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