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Marvel Set New Release Dates For TV Shows
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Marvel Set New Release Dates For MCU TV Shows

Due to the ongoing actors and writers strike, Marvel has announced new release dates for its slate of Disney+ TV shows. What If…?. Echo, and Agatha: Coven of Chaos, now titled Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, are among the titles receiving the updated new release dates.  Check out the updates below. Loki Season 2 The Loki Season 2 release date is

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Marvel Failing: Disney Plus Slows, Stock Drops

Marvel’s house of cards is indeed crumbling as following bombs at the box office with Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals, it’s further learned the Disney Plus subscriptions haven’t met expectations, which has seen the company stock drop. Regarding the number of Disney Plus subscriptions, Deadline reports analysts were expecting 126 million Disney Plus subscribers, but

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Marvel Zombies Live-Action Coming To MCU Says Mark Millar

A live-action version of Marvel Zombies is again rumored for the MCU, which follows the recent episode of the What If…? animated series on Disney Plus; however, the source happens to be a bit more credible. Mark Millar, the comic book creator who actually came up with the idea for Marvel Zombies and who is

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Marvel Zombies Next For ‘What If?’

This Wednesday sees the release of the highly anticipated Marvel Zombies episode of the What If…? animated series that is currently airing on Disney Plus. Marvel has released two posters for the fifth episode, a Marvel Zombie Captain America poster, and a Marvel Zombie Hawkeye poster. See below. Per the norm with the series, the

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‘What If’ Leaks Include Doctor Strange, Red Skull, More

More leaks from the Marvel What If? animated series have made their way online in the form of LEGOs and Funko POPs. The What If? LEGO set reveals “Captain Carter & the Hydra Stomper” featuring a look at Agent Carter as Captain America battling a giant Hydra robot mech and the Red Skull, with a

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MCU Thor Goofier Than Thought

The MCU version of Thor is even goofier than thought, if that is possible, as details emerge about Love and Thunder and the What If? animated series coming to Disney Plus. Following the goofy versions in Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame, director Taika Waititi reveals Love and Thunder will be even goofier, as Waititi spoke with

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‘What If’ Not On Disney Plus Summer Schedule

The upcoming What If? animated series from Marvel doesn’t happen to be listed on Disney Plus’ Summer release date schedule. Marvel has previously confirmed the series is supposed to get released this Summer, but the show isn’t on a schedule released by Disney for some reason. It’s only confirmed that Black Widow and Loki will

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