Marvel’s What If? Canceled With Season 3

The series kicked off back in 2021 featuring a 'what if' take on the MCU led by Captain Carter.

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That’s all she wrote for Marvel’s What If…? animated series as the series has been canceled with its upcoming third season.

The series kicked off back in August of 2021 and features a “what if” take on the MCU, similar to the Marvel comic books.

The news comes via Brad Winderbaum, Marvel Studios’ Head of Streaming, Television and Animation, on the official Marvel Podcast.

The news also follows it learned back in December the head writer left the show and Marvel.

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“Completion of a trilogy”

“It feels like the completion of a trilogy,” Winderbaum said on the episode released on Wednesday.

Winderbaum continued, “It takes us to places that you’d never expect. It goes beyond the first two seasons in its exploration of the multiverse. It pulls in characters that are very unexpected, and has what I think is an extremely moving and very fulfilling culmination for Uatu the Watcher.”

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Jeffrey Wright plays Uatu, the all-seeing Watcher who is sworn to never interfere but somehow finds himself helping humanity.

Season 1 episodes of the What If…? animated series include Hayley Atwell becoming the first Avenger, replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America; T’Challa replacing Peter Quill as Star-Lord; Doctor Strange becoming a bad guy, the Marvel Zombies are introduced who are supposed to get their own spinoff with Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel as the center of the show, and Ultron possesses all six Infinity Stones.

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Season 2 sees Nebula as a member of the Nova Corps; Peter Quill attacking the Avengers; Happy Hogan becoming a Hulk and saving Christmas; Iron Man crashing landing on Sakaar; Captain Carter battling the Hydra Stomper; a new Marvel character, Kahhori, gets powers from the Tesseract; Hela finding the Ten Rings; 1602 version of the Avengers, and Captain Carter becoming the most powerful Marvel character of all time.

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What about What If…? Season 3?

What If..? Season 3 doesn’t have a release date.

First-look image include Sam Wilson as Captain America, Monica Rambeau’s Photon/Captain Marvel, Red Guardian, Winter Soldier, and Giant-Man.

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