X-Men ’97 Ratings Horrible: Season Finale Absent From Nielsen Despite 75% Increase In Viewership

Fans didn't tune in to binge watch and the ratings are less than What If, Ms. Marvel, and Echo.

x men 97 season finale ratings nielsen

Well, folks, all ten episodes of X-Men ’97 have been released and even with the big viewership increase leading to the season finale, not one episode has made its way onto the Nielsen ratings or the Samba TV charts.

According to Disney, 3.75 million viewers tuned in for the season finale, up 75% from the two-episode premiere.

However, as we see from Nielsen ratings for the week the season finale was released, X-Men ’97 is again nowhere to be found.

nielsen ratings may 13 19 2024
Nielsen Original Chart: May 13-19, 20924

At the bottom of the Nielsen ratings for the week is Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm at only 219 minutes (millions), so that means the season finale and all ten episodes are even lower than that number.

Since Nielsen measures all episodes available within a given week’s timeframe, that also means X-Men ’97 wasn’t binged-watched by latecomers who wanted to watch all the episodes at once.

This also means the ratings are even worse than initially thought if there was a 75% increase in viewership toward the end of the season, and it’s still not on the Nielsen ratings chart, which is the industry standard for ratings.

samba tv may 13 19
Via Samba TV: May 13-29, 2024

That fits with my review where I said X-Men ’97 starts off boring, sappy, and overly soap opera-like but gets good in the last few episodes of the season (then ends).

I also have to think Disney expected way better numbers than what they got as it’s “X-Men,” and the original show was watched by 23 million viewers who are all grown up now.

The X-Men ’97 ratings are also lower than What If…?, and the MCU’s two least-watched shows, Ms. Marvel and Echo.

Samba TV has also refused to release any of its data for X-Men ’97, again, where I am guessing it’s at the request of Disney due such a low amount of viewership which would come off as bad publicity (Disney is invested in Samba TV).

I’m also guessing that similar to the recent report about the demographic distribution of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises, Marvel is targeting the wrong audience. How’s it working out?

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