Fantastic Four: Pedro Pascal In Talks For Reed Richards

Adam Driver and Matt Smith said to have passed on the role.

Adam Driver and Matt Smith said to have passed on the role.

Fantastic Four: Pedro Pascal In Talks For Reed Richards

It’s reported that Pedro Pascal is in talks to play Reed Richards for Fantastic Four.

The actor is known for playing Mando in Disney and Lucasfilm’s The Mandalorian, and recently hit it big with HBO’s The Last Of Us.

According to Deadline, “insiders add scheduling is still being worked out but multiple sources close to the negotiations are saying it’s headed in the right direction for Pascal to do this and his other future projects.”

Rumors have offered that Adam Driver was offered the role of Reed Richards but passed due to not being a fan of the script. It has also been said Matt Smith was offered the role, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal.

Reportedly, Driver and other actors, and even director Jon Watts passed on Fantastic Four because of the issues they had with the script.

Update: Slash Film is reporting Pedro Pascal in FF is a done deal. Daniel RPK is also the first to have said Pedro is in talks and now claims none of the other roles have been cast. Trade sites and various scoopers are also saying Pedro is only in talks as well.

“After much speculation, wondering, fan-casting, and impatience, word has come out — and /Film’s sources can confirm — that Pascal will be starring as Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, in the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four reboot set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” states Slash Film.

Update #2: It’s claimed that a reason Kevin Feige cast Pascal is because Feige thinks the FF are way too white.

Marvel Fantastic Four movie

Pedro Pascal the perfect choice?

The script is said to be all about making Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman look good at the expense of the three other male characters that make up the Fantastic Four.

Regarding Reed Richards, it’s claimed Reed Richards is portrayed negatively in the movie who has been holding back Sue Storm who hasn’t been able to live up to her full potential because she is in a relationship with Mr. Fantastic.

“Sue has been sacrificing so much of herself being in a relationship with him,” states a leak.

Marvel Comics also recently explained the retconning of Sue and Reed’s first meeting where the two are now on equal ground, where they described Sue Storm as Marvel’s Indiana Jones.

Silver Surfer is also rumored to possibly be a female in the flick.

If you are familiar with Pedro Pascal, he’s no stranger to wokeness and starred as the villain in Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadaot’s woke Wonder Woman 1984 that failed big time, so Pascal taking the role of Reed Richards nobody wants in Marvel’s Fantastic Four fits perfectly.

That said, there is now speculation Reed Richards might actually be a villain, and Vanessa Kirby is said to be playing Sue Storm.

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