Fantastic Four: Sue Storm Is Now Marvel’s Indiana Jones

Ten years later, Marvel Comics explains the retcon of the relationship between Sue and Reed.

Ten years later, Marvel Comics explains the retcon of the relationship between Sue and Reed.

Fantastic Four: Sue Storm Is Now Marvel's Indiana Jones

It’s learned that Fantastic Four’s Sue Storm is now the Indiana Jones of the Marvel Comics universe. Kathleen Kennedy would be proud.

Fantastic Four #12 was released on Wednesday and after ten years, Marvel Comics finally answered what Sue Storm has her doctorate in.

Sue Storm is a doctor? Yep.

Recall that way back in 2013, in Fantastic Four #4, Marvel Comics and Matt Fraction retconned the origins of Sue Storm and Reed Richards by explaining how they fell in love by making Sue Storm the “equal” of Reed.

In the issue, the history was changed from Sue Storm first meeting Reed Richards when she was 12 years old to Sue as an undergraduate and Reed as a doctoral candidate.

So both are doctors and on an equal footing.

However, it has never been said what Sue’s doctorate studies have been in, until now.

fantastic four 12 sue storm indiana jones
Fantastic Four #12 (2022 series)

Sue Storm is an archaeologist

Fantastic Four #12 reveals that Sue Storm has a doctorate in archaeology, with Sue first making a Namor joke, where Sue jokes her doctorate is in Marine Biology, but then she reveals it to be in Archeology.

She’s asked, “Like Indiana Jones,” where Sue replies, “More like Kathleen Kenyon, but sure.”

As SuperHeroHype also points out, the change retcons Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original take on Reed and Sue, and “these changes helped to rework their relationship into one of equals,” states the site.

It’s also pointed out Sue being an archaeologist fits with 2013’s Fantastic Four #4 where Sue is “speaking with the people of Ayleth about their history and language.”

Also as seen in Fantastic Four: The End, the site points out that Sue is shown “independently exploring the ruins of Atlantis.”

What is interesting is that rumors for the Fantastic Four movie from Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios from just a couple of days ago – prior to the release of the comic – offer that Sue Storm in the movie hasn’t been able to live up to her full potential because she is in a relationship with Mr. Fantastic.

“Sue has been sacrificing so much of herself being in a relationship with him…” explained the leaker.

Well, the comic apparently fixed that.

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