Ezra Miller Done As The Flash: Jason Momoa Back As Lobo In DCU

It is reported none of the Justice League actors except Momoa will be back for the new DCU.

It is reported none of the Justice League actors except Momoa will be back for the new DCU.

Ezra Miller Done As The Flash: Jason Momoa Back As Lobo In DCU

It’s reported that Ezra Miller and all the Justice League actors are out except for Jason Momoa who will return as Lobo in James Gunn’s new DCU.

So that means not only are Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill gone, as has previously been reported, but also that Gal Gadot will not be returning as Wonder Woman.

The info comes in a report from Variety about how Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is a complete mess.

The article discusses how Aquaman 2 is a lame duck, similar to The Flash movie, as the DCEU is over now that Gunn is rebooting things with the DCU.

Variety says none of the Zack Justice League actors will be returning, but that, as previously rumored and speculated, Jason Momoa is in talks to play Lobo:

In fact, none of the stars cast by Zack Snyder for 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and 2017’s “Justice League” — including Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller and Momoa — will reprise their roles in the new DC universe in character. Momoa may return, just not as Aquaman. Sources say the actor has engaged in talks to play Lobo, either in the 2025 reboot “Superman: Legacy,” written and directed by Gunn, or in a standalone film.

the flash movie ezra miller

Adios Ezra

Regarding Ezra Miller, it’s no secret he has been involved in a lot of controversy.

The Flash movie also happened to completely bomb at the box office and lose a ton of money.

While James Gunn hasn’t confirmed if Miller is indeed gone and even seemed open to the idea of his return (likely because The Flash hadn’t been released yet), you have to think Ezra Miller won’t be returning as The Flash.

gal gadot wonder woman

Goodbye Gal

It’s actually been said Gal Gadot will be back as Wonder Woman and that Wonder Woman 3 is going to happen under James Gunn’s DCU.

Gal seemed to say as much herself, but various reports have indeed said she is gone.

With Variety now reporting about it, it seems Gal Gadot is done as Wonder Woman, which also follows WW84 being such a disaster.

henry cavill superman ben affleck batman

So long Ben and Henry, we’ll miss you

There were plans to bring back both actors, with Ben Affleck returning as Batman as part of the real ending of The Flash.

In Variety’s report, they also confirm exactly what I was told about David Zaslav planning to sell Warner Bros. Discovery to Universal.

Those same insiders also filled me in Ben Affleck was going to return as Batman, Henry Cavill would be back as Superman, Zack Snyder could return, too, and lots more.

jason momoa lobo fan art
Fan art

Jason Momoa is Lobo

It has already been speculated that Jason Momoa will play Lobo for James Gunn.

Back in January, less than two weeks before the big DCU announcement, Jason Momoa celebrated on social media about a recent meeting with Warner Bros, Gunn, and Peter Safran.

Momoa also teased his dream project back in November.

“Some of the greatest news of my life just happened. I can’t say anything about it. F’k, yes! I can’t wait to share with you but they won’t let me share anything. I want you to remember this date, November 6th. Mwah! You know who you are! Mwah! Maestro! Mwah!” said Momoa.

At the time, Momoa said he is excited about the future of DC.

“I think with Peter Safran and Mr. Gunn at the helm now of DC, I am very excited about that. There is a lot of cool things going to be coming up. One of my dreams come true will be happening under their watch. So stay tuned,” said Momoa.

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