Dwayne Johnson Rumored For The Thing In Fantastic Four MCU Reboot


Rumors are swirling that Dwayne Johnson might be involved with Marvel Studios, which I first pointed out back in April, when The Rock let it be known he was going to have a meeting with Kevin Feige, which follows the huge success of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Then recently saw a rumor that a Fantastic Four reboot might be announced at this Summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, but another rumor is claiming that is not true.

The most recent rumor comes from the Roger Wardell Twitter account that apparently got a bunch of Avengers: Endgame info correct (and offers rumors on Doctor Strange 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3).

The info offers Dwayne Johnson’s Marvel role is just another Vin Diesel “situation” and that The Rock is trying to build hype to get a meeting with Marvel.

Recall that Vin Diesel teased numerous times he was involved with a Marvel movie, thought to be Blackbolt for Inhumans, but he landed the voice role of Groot for the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

Dwayne Johnson Fantastic Four The Thing

Dwayne Johnson as the ever lovin’ blu-eyed Thing for Fantastic Four? 

So it could be a similar situation in that Dwayne Johnson isn’t vying for a live-action role in the MCU, as he is already playing Black Adam in the DCEU, but, similar to his Fast and Furious co-star, wants a voice role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s theorized on Reddit that Dwayne Johnson could provide the voice for The Thing in a Fantastic Four reboot. Actually, Dwayne Johnson could first play the human version, Ben Grimm, who then gets exposed to cosmic radiation and becomes the ever lovin’ blu-eyed Thing, which sees the character permanently stuck in his rock form and no longer as his human form.

While it is all just considered rumor for now, I do think there is a possibility that it could happen. As I previously said, Dwayne Johnson definitely recognizes the success that Marvel has with their MCU slate, and I think he wants to be a part of it in some form. While playing live-action characters in both the DCEU and MCU might not be conceivable and would confuse the general audience, playing the live-action Black Adam in the DCEU and voicing The Thing in a Fantastic Four Marvel movie does seem imaginable.

What do you think?

Maybe we’ll finally get that Hulk vs Thing battle we all have been waiting for? 

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