Captain Marvel rips off Dark Phoenix; More Concept Art Reveals Same Ending

X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Captain Marvel may have originally had a similar ending.


As if we needed any more evidence that X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Captain Marvel were the same movie, now a new piece of concept art lands online offering the exact same ending.

A previous piece of Dark Phoenix concept art revealed that Sophie Turner was to become the cosmically powered Phoenix blasting off into space at the end of the film, and now the new art shows that she was going to also battle an alien armada, similar to what happened with Brie Larson when she flew off into space and fought the Kree at the end of Captain Marvel.

X-Men Dark Phoenix ending vs aliens

Captain Marvel rips off Dark Phoenix

The X-Men Dark Phoenix movie was actually supposed to be released prior to Captain Marvel and was billed at the first Marvel female superhero movie, but that all changed when the Disney Fox deal started to proceed, as Fox execs demanded changes which included changing it from a two-part film to only a 2 hour one parter, which also saw the ending completely changed from the above space scene to the train scene.

Additional similarities between the two flicks include they are both set in the 90’s, and that Dark Phoenix was going to use the Skrulls (but that too was changed for “some reason”). 

I go over a lot of what went down with the two flicks in this article about how Disney Fox sabotaged the flick as it seems pretty obvious that Disney interfered, as in what would have happened if Dark Phoenix was released prior to Captain Marvel? Audiences would have been left scratching their heads why the two movies were similar and more than likely Captain Marvel would have been accused of ripping off from Dark Phoenix and tanked at the box office. Feige and Disney couldn’t let that happen as Brie Larson is supposed to be the new face of the MCU

Captain Marvel eventually got released first and became the first Marvel superhero movie, used the Skrulls and had that space ending.

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