Bryan Singer Teases Crossover For X-Men Universe


x men crossover bryan singer Bryan Singer Teases Crossover For X-Men Universe

Perhaps my guess of an X-Men vs. Inhumans crossover isn't too far off? 

Bryan Singer will be directing the new Matt Nix X-Men TV series pilot, and while talking about show and the new Legion series, Bryan Singer teases there will be some sort of crossover for the X-Men franchise.

Some crossover, is all I can really say. I can’t really speak to that. I come in and out of [X-Men], sort of, but I’ve been involved in it for about 20 years — I signed the deal in ’96! I think there’ll just be crossover and standalone. It’s just the right thing to do. The X-Men universe is every bit as big as the rest of the whole Marvel universe, so why not?

While Bryan Singer doesn't give any specifics, interestingly enough he mentions that Marvel TV is working closely now with Fox, which substantiates my previous claims that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter and Fox Studios have made up.

Marvel Studios, they do their own films, then Fox Studios, we sort of do them separately when I make the X-Men films. Marvel Television is different. Their TV division works more closely with Fox. I’m actually directing one for Fox network, an X-Men related television show, which we started prepping today. Their television people work with us. It’s nice because we get backstory, we get information. I can’t read every comic book. So I want as much input as possible.

While it has been said that the new X-Men TV series takes place in the movie universe, Singer states it is standalone, which goes the same for Legion

No — standalone. It’s another standalone. That’s our design. We developed it together — not together, but like at the same time. The only reason I was able to direct it was because the movie I want to make next, I’m not going to be able to make until September, so it gave me four months, and I suddenly said, “Why don’t I take the helm?”

It is guessed if both shows are super successful that eventually some sort of crossover could be planned, but is that was Bryan Singer is referring to here or some other crossover that's in the works? 

Singer says about Legion:

Initially, this was really meant to be a standalone. That can always evolve. Those kinds of things can always happen. That wasn’t the intention in the beginning. I think the intention of all of us was always to make something that could be a standalone show, and its relationship to X-Men be a bonus for fans, and for discovery as the show evolves.